IPKO Foundation is a non-profit foundation in Kosovo. Our mission is to support the development of future generations of leaders who use technology to implement innovative solutions to local and national development challenges while enabling an environment where they can reach their full potential through an improved policy and institutional context.

We started in 2000 as the IPKO Institute, and from then on the organization was focused on creating and fostering an environment of technological innovation which would help Kosovo through training aspiring professionals in the tech world and would help Kosovo bridge the technological divide it faced at the time. In 2008, we gave all our educational programs to AUK, and were freed to focus on new challenges. Being renamed to “IPKO Foundation”, our focus was shifted towards investing in the future, next generations and in innovation.


Our goal is to seed and support the development of the next generation of leaders with a digital vision for Kosovo. These young leaders may come from any sector or discipline but are united in their embrace of technology, Internet and the information society. We do this through implementation of a wide scope of projects in the field of technology and innovation, including audiences from every age and background.

Some of our earliest projects included the launching of the CISCO Networking Academy in June 2001, with over 150 students at the beginning, enrolling a total of 500 students by the end of 2001. Seeing a need for management and soft skills, we also launched the Management Program: Introducing Modern Skills, which taught the participants management and soft skills, trying to introduce business and management in an environment where business was restarting and had not undergone change for 30 years.


After we focused our goals on investing in the future, we have undertaken several projects in addition to the Sponsorship Program, all of which contribute towards the digital vision for Kosovo and its next generation of digital leaders and innovators.

The foundation also seeks to:

Publicize, reward and support innovative work from any sector which incorporates the use of technology and portrays a digital vision for Kosovo. Encourage others to seek out and reward innovation which catalyzes the further development of Kosovo.


Abetare Gojani

Executive Director


Arbresha Tuhina

Finance Manager


Adelina Qarri

Senior Program Manager


Vlora Shabiu

Program Manager


Ardi Ponosheci

Project Manager


Dina Spahiu

Project Manager


Artina Muçiqi

Communications Officer


Miranda Vula

Admin and Finance Associate


Alfred Çoça

Project Assistant


Teresa Crawford

Founding Board Member


Paul Meyer

Founding Board Member


Bujar Musa

Board President


Kushtrim Xhakli

Board Member


IPKO Foundation prioritizes working in partnership. Part of our success is realized through our work with dedicated partners. We have had the honor to work with some of the most prestigious institutions, companies and organizations in Kosovo due to our common goal: investment in the technological future of Kosovo!


The nature of IPKO Foundation programs and projects requires involvement of people in different roles.

It was due to our mentors, speakers, judges and volunteers that our projects resulted as a success. IPKO Foundation has implemented many projects that use technology to reach specific goals and these projects have required individuals coming from different communities and backgrounds such as web and app development, content experts, wikipedians, diplomats and many others.


Each one of these gives a ticket to be part of innovative experiences and amazing crews. If you can see yourself fitting in one of these roles, tell us and we will be happy to make you part of our big community.

Next Generation Scholarship, Wiki Academy Kosovo and other projects that mark our future goals and objectives are large scope projects and we will need mentors and speakers to help in the advancement of our participants; judges to evaluate the work of young geeks; and also volunteers to assist IF team in organization endeavors.

How to Donate

IPKO Foundation is raising funds for the 2014/15 Next Generation Digital Leaders scholarship program. Since 2009 the Foundation has awarded over 100 scholarships and given away over 270,000.00 EUR. Each donation, no matter the size, will go towards a tuition assistance award to a university student studying at an accredited university in Kosovo.

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