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March 13, 2013

Wiki Academy in Full Swing

After successful accomplishment of App Camp Kosovo mission, IPKO Foundation continued its work within the Digital Diplomacy Strategy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the support of British Council, and Royal Norwegian Embassy, implementing Wiki Academy Kosovo for the first time in Kosovo.

The main goal of Wiki Academy Kosovo was to improve the quality and quantity of online content on Kosovo to better represent the country to the world. The Academy brought together active online citizens and content experts and helped them develop into skilled editors to write high quality articles and source high quality photos regarding Kosovo in categories such as culture, heritage, social issues, geography, institutions, economy and tourism. Around 40 articles and 1418 pictures of different subjects and fields are now published on Wikipedia.

How did it go?

Wiki Academy Kosovo started its journey on December 2012 with a cycle of Open Houses around the main cities of Kosovo. In 17 Open Houses in the six biggest cities of Kosovo, more than 600 participants were introduced closer to the idea behind the project and also to the way they can contribute.

A lot of people showed their interest to participate, but after a close evaluation only 140 were invited to compete on the Article contest, while 90 photographers had the opportunity to present their work and be part of the competition without going through selection procedure.

All article contest participants gathered in Faculty of Education to complete their content during three intensive days. Participants met Wikipedia mentors and research experts from abroad and Kosovo, learned valuable research and drafting skills, and met others interested in expanding Kosovo’s reputation abroad.


After a close look to the content published on Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, the jury came up with a decision. A total amount of 10 000 EUR were given to the winners of Article and Photo contest listed as above:

Wiki Academy Kosovo Article Contest Winners


1. First Place 1200 Eur- Atdhe Prelvukaj: Archaeology of Kosovo

2. Second Place 800 Eur- Liburn Jupolli, Mic Sokoli, Edona Vatoci: Classical Music in Kosovo

3. Third Place 500 Eur- Dardan Ahmeti: Information and Communications Technology in Kosovo

Best Article Significant Contribution to Wikipedia (200 EUR)

• Kosovare Krasniqi, Shqipe Morina, Selim Daku, Kushtrim Demi: Bifurcation of Nerodime River

• Dukagjin Surdulli, Arjanit Ismajli, Adlum Ramadani: Climate in Kosovo

• Ardi Jusufi, Rron Lamoja, Shkelqim Ahmeti, Driton Redenica: Forests of Kosovo

• Viona Stavileci, Bujan Stavileci: Hiking in Kosovo

• Irvi Hyka: International rankings of Kosovo

• Furtuna Sheremeti, Zana Ahmetgjekaj: Legal system of Kosovo

• Natyra Bajraktari, Diellza Malazogu, Era Alickaj, Granit Doshlaku: Kosovo student poisoning incidents of 1990’s

• Narona Ahmeti, Fjollë Caka, Eris Hana, Rina Demjaha: Architecture in Kosovo

• Herolinda Zenuni, Baton Xhuli: Natural resources of Kosovo

• Shpend Kurtishaj: Sharri cheese

• Eurisa Rukovci, Ron Latifi, Arbnor Gashi: Timeline of Kosovo history

• Katja Basinkevich, Marigona Kastrati: Tourism in Kosovo

• Nita Shillova, Anita Gashi, Arnisa Kastrati, Andrra Berisha: Traditional clothing and costumes


1. First Place 700 Eur- Arben Islami- All in one

2. Second Place 500 Eur- Bujar I. Gashi- Fli

3. Third Place 300 Eur- Arben Llapashtica- Prishtina perspektivë nga Radio Kosova 1


1. First place 800 Eur • Arben Islami

2. Second place 600 Eur • Violeta Miftari

3. Third Place 400 Eur • Berat Hoxha



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