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June 9, 2016

In our way to RobotiKS summer camp!

Cultivating the necessary skills to build a young tech society in Kosovo, is the main goal of the RobotiKs camp which will take place during June 13-17, 2016.

The five days event will gather young minds with insatiable curiosity, in an environment that will provide tools and help for them to create and program robots that will perform tasks only limited by the imagination of the creators. The RobotiKS camp is designed to boost the imagination and logic skills of the youngsters participating from different schools and backgrounds, all the time contributing towards the socializing of the youngsters, and above all – spending some quality time with their peers!

Nurturing the love for technology and developing tech skills in the young hearts and minds of Kosovo is a mission that IPKO Foundation together with Basic Education Program – USAiD strive to see accomplished. The team of RobotiKS would like to highlight the good cooperation, the help and support of the children’s parents and schools, who have been making our work that much easier.

Youngsters from different schools will have the opportunity to be engaged in several entertaining activities, such as social sessions, sports, walk in nature and movie nights.

Surrounded by picturesque view from Germia Youth Center in Prishtina, the programming and tasks won’t be much demanding. The agenda of the camp is designed to contain ice-breakers, practical presentations of work, social sports and other fun activities, reflecting upon the previous days etc. The students will also be taken on a tour of visiting a factory or company of the organizer’s choosing, to deepen their understanding about what machines can accomplish.

We are excited to see the outcomes of this years’ RobotiKS Camp, and invite you to follow our social media channels and find out more about the future robot-makers of Kosovo!

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