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December 28, 2013

IF generosity in 2013

Calculating successes and failures, incomes and outcomes and making the plans for the next year is a common practice among working organizations. We at IPKO Foundation are glad to see that our list of successes overweights every difficulty that we faced during the year. It is a special pleasure to see that, besides our own successes, we contributed on others achievements becoming thus part of their success stories.

Through 2013 we have granted sponsorships to non profit activities (events, workshops, competitions). In addition we developed partnerships with two other funds by investing in their grant -making: Kosovo Women Network and FSI Nushi. The mission of KWN is to improve the position of women in the Kosovar society through support to their individual member organizations. A grant of 5000 Euro was given by IPKO Foundation to KWN which will sponsor small grants to their members and a rural women’s scholarship program. Whereas FSI NUSHI’s mission is to support underprivileged youngsters of Kosovar societies in their education. IPKO Foundation has given a grant of 1800 Euro to cover two scholarships.

In addition to supporting the philanthropy of others, we also supported a range of events including SFK (Software Freedom Kosova Conference), Basic Education ProgramKOS ICT ConferencePASS  SQLSaturdayHttpool Digital Day and REDO Design Conference.

Supporting our partners and friends to succeed in their path remains one of our biggest goal. We gave more than 26,000 Euros in 2013 and we will continue giving in the years to come. We are committed to fruitful partnerships and we look forward to  successful 2014!