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November 17, 2017

BarCamp Prishtina #46 – Global Entrepreneurship Week Kosovo!

In 2017, Global Entrepreneurship Week started with an idea. What if there was a global movement to inspire people everywhere to unleash their ideas and take the next step in their entrepreneurial journey?

Once again, we joined this movement and contributed in connecting our audience with a vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, policymakers and other startup champions. In last night’s edition of BarCamp we invited Florentina Dushi, director of Business Development Group Prishtina, Arben Avdiu, founder of Trosha, and Drenusha Shala, CEO of Baruti AG.

Florentina Dushi had a strong talk from beginning to the end! She taught the audience the importance of advice, and then continued to teach them the importance of filtering and ignoring this same advice so you don’t fall in the trap of working in the way as everyone else. Being an entrepreneur requires a person to be one step ahead of the rest, find a different alternative, and a way on how to apply it in your environment – Florentina was willing to tell us its importance at BarCamp as well as show us by example.

Arben Avdiu started his talk with a simple but powerful question “Is there anyone in the audience who does not know Trosha?” and encountered a silent audience. Who better to inspire an audience of future entrepreneurs than someone who created such a huge company? Arben talked to the audience about the importance of having a vision, believing in your ideas, and most importantly, the importance of daydreaming. And after your dose of daydreaming, the importance of bringing those ideas to life while not being influenced by others!

Drenusha Shala, the third speaker of the day brought her team spirit to BarCamp. Drenusha shared with us the importance of having a strong and skilled team behind you to properly implement your ideas. Drenusha walked us through the emotional side of creating and maintaining a successful company and the importance of believing in your work throughout the entire journey, especially throughout your failures.

A big thanks goes to the enthusiastic audience who shared their time and questions with us, and our amazing speakers for giving us insight on creating a successful company/ enterprise!

Until the next discussion at the next BarCamp!

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