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December 22, 2017

IPKO Foundation’s Help to Share My Passion in the Digital World

People usually decide to go to mountains to get away from the routine, find peace away from the noisy roads or the technology that became a part of everyone’s life for good or worse. But, a problem is that a very few people choose mountains as a medicine to themselves and as a lesson to get to know their country, in this case, Kosovo, better.

I believe that a great majority of people living in Kosovo have not seen not even a 50% of Kosovo’s natural treasure; such its breathtaking beautiful mountains.

For a long time now, I have put a mission ahead to reach Kosovo’s beautiful peaks, enjoy each side of my country and somehow get to know my country better. While accomplishing it, I thought how great would have been if I could convince all my friends, collagues, family to join me. No matter how much I have tried, it never worked – I ended up with just a few friends of mine. Discussing with people to convince them, was not enough and then I kept thinking for a better way, a better chance to share the most beautiful part of my country.

I started projecting an idea, I thought of something that is part of each and everyone’s routine, and of course, that’s technology. Which no matter how addictive it can be, it still can serve people with great ideas to achieve what they want.

Working on it, I was very exciting seeing what might be the result of it. I designed an online platform in which I decided to share all my trips, photos and trails for people who want to visit Kosovo’s beautiful mountains. Therefore people would not have any excuses to skip away and explore their country, since the platform will provide detailed information about specific mountains peaks of Kosovo, including here the trail, which seems to be the main reason why people end up not starting their Kosovo’s hiking adventure trips.

Besides that, the platform will give space to other people who already explore Kosovo to add trails and other information about mountains peaks and trails which are not updated until that time. This option which will help us keep updating the platform with the great hidden beautiful treasure of Kosovo.

Thus, I invite all young people who have ideas which besides self-improvement would contribute to their country’s development, and in the meantime be the change they always want to see in Kosovo. Therefore, catch opportunities afforded by a group of people who are here to help us generate our ideas, our creativity and motivate us for a better place we are living in.

As for the end, living in Kosovo should be considered a blessing. To feel like that, people with the great will to change it should take opportunities that will make your ideas be put in practice. Thereby I thank IPKO Foundation for funding this idea, whose main purpose is to share our country natural gift to people, to motivate them by others experiences and to share it with the world. Which all of that could serve as well to Kosovo’s tourism that would also benefit to Kosovo’s development as the youngest country that has great values.