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August 18, 2016

Here’s to you, future digital leader!

To you, who is reading this as they sit at home thinking and browsing the web for some sort of solution to that idea that’s been boiling in your head.

To you, who is running out of options with funds in their organization but still really, really wants to make that tech event happen.

To you, who is looking for ways to get educated about that specific thing that you are positive will bring change to the community.

Let us inspire you towards changing your future in the following few paragraphs, shall we? Let’s discuss the thing that drives each and every one of us – ideas!

Ideas and beliefs are one of the few things in life that can withstand the obstacles of time and change. If one were to embrace an idea with the will and motivation to change his or her community for the better… well then, dear friend, you would have yourself an unstoppable force of change and betterment.

The IPKO Foundation is enthusiastically motivated towards targeting and developing the future leaders and digital entrepreneurs of Kosovo. Throughout our history of working in the area of digital development we can mention quite a few projects that are dear to our hearts, about which we invite you to read further by clicking here.

But, through this article, we would like to focus your attention on the IPKO Foundation Sponsorship Program that has recently opened it’s second phase and supports a huge spectrum of ideas and projects. Supporting young people by providing them with tools to advance professionally and academically is the idea and engine that drives the IPKO Foundation Sponsorship Program and brings new opportunities in your grasp. Focused on three main digital areas, the sponsorship program invites Individuals, NGO’s and aspiring students to apply and gain logistical, financial and educational support (find here what makes you eligible to apply).

All this being said, we would love to invite you to share your ideas with us. You might be an individual who has an idea that might just bring the next tech-revolution, or part of an NGO that wants to share their tech experience with a bigger audience through an event or activity, or even an aspiring student that is looking for means to finance his studies or a training course in Kosovo – you are in the right place and we believe you are that unstoppable force of betterment and change!

The last wave of applications has successfully selected amazing ideas from NGO’s, scholarships and individual projects that we believe will be the next change-makers of Kosovo, and we are even more excited to announce that the second wave of applications has been officially opened! We are awaiting the upcoming factors of change to submit their ideas and take their first steps towards changing their future!

In case you want to visit the hall of fame of winners from previous selections, want to have a better idea of what kind of submission to prepare, or even get more detailed information about the IPKO Foundation Sponsorship Program please click here.

Right now you are just steps away from embarking on what could be an interesting adventure in your professional and academic life, so what are you waiting for?