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January 18, 2016

Volunteering is about giving, contributing, and helping other individuals and the community!

My name is Egzon, a web developer, passionate about movies, food and photography. I love volunteering in my community and I’m writing this blog to help readers understand what you can do to help your community. I am currently studying business management at Universum College, while I am also the Co-Founder of Lokacioni. Besides working, I am also a volunteer at Rotaract Club Illyrian, a club that I joined earlier this year.

One of the projects of IPKO Foundation that I was involved in is “A Violence Free Future”. Volunteering at Rotaract Club Illyrian has given me the opportunity to work on this project which promotes non-violence and non-extremism. The aim of the project was to create a community that does not judge people by their beliefs, ethnicity, religion or gender.I decided to contribute on this project because I loved the purpose of making the community aware of these social issues. I also like the idea of being part of such an organization which promotes equality in civil society.

IPKO Foundation has been organizing events that I find very useful, especially the ones that act on developing the technology field like DOKU:TECH and BarCamps. On these events, there’s always the great side of listening useful things, inspiring stories, and beneficial advice, as well as meeting people who share the same interest. The events are always very appreciated by young people as well, and you can definitely learn a lot. Besides the events that IF organizes for the technology field, the community service is another sector where I see myself involved. The idea of helping to create a better community drives me towards participating in such projects.

I love seeing the community offering help to each other. When you help someone, you know that someone else will help you back. The community can bring changes on massive scales such as the case of Digital Kosovo which is a great example that demonstrates the power of community. Digital Kosovo is a project started by IPKO Foundation making Kosovo visible to the most important websites where the community signed up to get our country recognized virtually.

To summarize this all, I guess the slogan of Rotaract “Service above yourself” gives a visionary and inspiring message to the community, therefore I strongly suggest everyone to be part of such projects.