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December 26, 2013

Being part of an amazing team

As part of IPKO Foundation team, I am experiencing the young and energetic atmosphere which reflects in all of our projects. I started to work for IF in July 2013 and these six months have been filled with so many activities that include a lot of young people, innovative ideas, and entertainment that I could consider these six months as one of the most valuable times of my work experience so far.

Im am involved in all of the projects here at IF, assisting the team in the everyday tasks while holding and progressing the tasks that are given to me in particular. I have always the opportunity to express myself and the opportunity to discuss my ideas with the others. It’s a pleasure to encounter encourage of others and to be a part of immediate teamwork mobilisation with a serious grip to it.

Learning to co-operate, organize and work efficiently, is what I’ve learned and am still learning daily at IF. It’s become a part of my life which takes up time and effort but also gives out great resultsIt always referred the place that gets things done and that is open to new interesting ideas, at the same time searching for opportunities where it can give its input and help – myself speaking as being one of those that was given the chance to have effect.