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January 22, 2018

From Curiosity to Innovation

Life in a small town is not always inspiring. Gracanica – a place with very modest conditions and possibilities, but great people with full potential and ability to make something beneficial and extremely necessary for our youth.

Recently I became a member of the organization “Young Active Gracanica” which offers our youth the opportunity and ample room to prove, show what they can and how much they are capable of by themselves to contribute to the improvement of our situation. In addition to numerous projects implemented by the organization itself, one of them could be significantly highlighted. Arduino Workshop is exactly what our youth needed to enter the world of contemporary society, to feel the magic of modern technology that is widely applied in other countries. Such things can rarely be found on our premises, and especially in a small place like Gracanica. For the workshop myself, I accidentally learned from a friend who was already a member of the organization. At first, I was acting indifferent, not knowing at all what it was or what kind of purpose it was. But the curiosity secretly caught in me made me go and discover myself.

The workshop, like every other one, started with the introductory speech of the main organizer and representatives of the organization, who introduced us to the notion and explained the meaning and function of the workshop as well as the Arduino device itself. Arduino is a microcomputer used in the production of many smart products, in which we have convinced ourselves. Most of the applicants were from electronics and technology faculties or schools, but I, as a gymnasium student, met for the first time with certain concepts. This was not a big problem because the lecturer has set aside time to show and explain to everyone what we did not know.

Resistors, capacitors, switches, diodes and wires have become the basis of every workshop, the basics of every project that has been done. And there were many. From the more simple ones, based on the light of one diode, to the more complicated, wire-set, a large code that sometimes knew to be a big problem. But as each problem was resolved, we could easily solve them with the help of organizers and more experienced participants in the workshop. There were five workshops, and we were allowed to use the premises of the organization and to spend our time wisely on acquiring knowledge in this field. Some of the projects we were working on were the measurement of the room temperature in which we are located, the production of a traffic light with a couple of diode, and the final project “Simon Says Game”. The final project included everything we had learned so far. From the use of diode, resistor, base, LCD, switch and other wires.

At the day of the giving certificates, friends from the IPKO Foundation, with whose support a successful workshop was organized, joined and tried the game we made by ourselves. With their praise and praise of the organization Young Active Gracanica, the workshop was successfully completed, and we have come out richer for the new knowledge and great experience.

Thank you Young Active Gracanica. Thank you IPKO Foundation!