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January 13, 2014

Wiki Academy Kosovo II- City Marathon

A year ago, Wiki Academy was initiated with the sole purpose of improving the image of Kosovo in the internet. And here we come again, a year later, aiming to continue with this mission, but this time a bit differently.

Wiki Academy has grown and along with it, its purpose and responsibilities have expanded. We have called this edition a City Marathon since nine municipalities of Kosovo will become part of the contest. For more, the work in articles will be developed during two weekends and in two different cities: Gjakova and Prishtina.

There are two competitions again, but articles and photos will focus on Prishtine, Prizren, Gjakove, Peje, Mitrovice, Gjilan, Ferizaj, Gracanice e Shterpce.

And in the end, it is that particular mission we are seeking to accomplish: Make our country known at the world through our eyes, in the way we know it.

Application is opened starting from this moment and ends on 9th of February. Never more than this time will Wikipedia get “bombs” of articles and pictures – they will all come from Kosovo, they will come from you.

Be part of Wiki Academy II – City Marathon!

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