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April 5, 2022

The winners of Techstitution Workshop in Gjilan are announced

The very first edition of Techstitution Workshop, implemented by IPKO Foundation was held in Gjilan, during the last week of March, 2022. 

Through this workshop, which was organized by Innovation Hub in Gjilan, about 40 youngsters of this municipality have gained advanced knowledge in technology and put it into practice by designing digital solutions for municipal institutions in Kosovo. These youngsters were offered with a new chance to gain skills required in the labor market.

Young enthusiastic and hardworking participants of this workshop have learned about the basics of programming, such as HTML, JavaScript, WebTools and FrontendDevelopment.

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Techstitution came as an initiative aiming to explore opportunities to equip adolescents and youth with ICT skills for the development of tech tools and products for public institutions. Young participants have learned vital ICT skills of the 21st century, learned how to hand-craft their own websites and become part of a great local tech community in Kosovo. 

Participants have worked side-by-side with their mentors, identify problems and propose and design civic-tech solutions to them. We appreciate the work of the Techstitution mentor in Gjilan, Ramiz Kastrati, who gave valuable contribution and support to the young participants of this workshop, who will design digital solutions for municipal institutions in Kosovo. 

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Also, youth inclusion remains one of the most important values of IPKO Foundation. We were very thankful to sign language interpreter, Havushe Islami, who for 5 days in a row, has enabled three deaf students to participate in the workshop. Her interpretation has highlighted the technology skills of these three students. She says that interpreting sign language is a process that in addition to translation, requires simplification and adaptation of information, so that the message is conveyed properly.

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We wrapped up the Techstitution workshop by announcing the winners, who will design a digital database of artists in this municipality. Sedjan, Elona, Drilon, Vesa, Bleta and Eliona were announced the winners at a solemn ceremony held on Friday, April 1st in Gjilan. 

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Techstitution Workshop is being implemented by IPKO Foundation, and supported by UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo and Austrian Development Agency. Another successful edition of this workshop was held last year in Lipjan municipality.