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October 22, 2014

Supporting individuals to gain knowledge abroad

IPKO Foundation has shown extensive support to individuals who exemplify the core values that IF’s mission tries to instill. Apart from providing financial support to innovative and sustainable projects, the Foundation has proven to be the prime advocate of individual development in an effort of building the next generation of leaders with a digital vision for Kosovo. By investing in their further education, IF makes sure that its objectives are put into practice.

One of the individuals that IF has recently supported is Edi Muhaxhiri, who used IF’s financial support to be part of the 57th London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF). LIYSF is a two-week programme hosted by Imperial College London and supported by many of the UK’s most prestigious research institutions. Delegates from a wide range of countries can attend specialist lectures, visit research facilities and participate in student discussions and extra-curricular activities.

One of the many lectures which particularly intrigued Edi was a talk by Prof. Keith Martin of Cambridge University on his work in using modern biotechnology and science to fight blindness. He showed the participants his research on the use of stem cells to prevent eyesight degeneration and, in some cases, actually recover sight in those who had lost it.

Edi had the chance of being part of a renowned forum, consisting of 425 students from all around the world. Thus, IF’s support has not only aided Edi’s academic development but has also offered him a chance of learning from other individuals’ backgrounds and come up with action plans that can further develop the Kosovar society.

Another individual that has benefited from the generous support of IPKO Foundation is Lira Ramadani. Through these means, Lira was able to take part in the Digital Business Development course offered at the Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences (MAMK) in Mikkeli, Finland.

The aim of this course was to implement a digital business development project for a local company or an organization in multinational student groups. During this intensive course, Lira had the opportunity to learn the concepts and practices of digital business from international lecturers who came from different European universities. The insights and knowledge of each instructor provided her with the necessary information upon which she can further build potential future projects.

The program of the course enabled Lira to learn more in multiple topics and cooperate with various individuals through teamwork and collaboration. Thus, IF’s support has not only aided Lira’s academic development in terms of gaining knowledge but has also offered her a chance of learning from other individuals’ backgrounds and come up with action plans that can further develop the Kosovar society.

IPKO Foundation’s contribution towards developing the young generation of leaders is once again exemplified by this successful story. IF calls for continuous support of individuals who make the country proud and acquire knowledge in internationally-recognized conferences that could lead to a great extent of development in the future of this country.