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Eron Krasniqi “Education for Employability” Success Story

For youngsters my age it has become very hard to decide on what field of study we want to pursue, and the hard journey we will go throughout or studies. However, IPKO Foundation presented one of their projects “Education for Employability” in our high school, in which my friends and I applied. We got accepted and attended the training regularly, where we learned and had fun doing so.

I was part of the Technology group and the curriculum included theoretical and practical work as well which was beneficial because until now we never had the opportunity to put our knowledge into practice. We learned a lot about the job market and gained valuable lessons in the field of technology such as: programming language Python, Robotics, and computer architecture. After I successfully completed the training I got selected to develop a project at Jcoders Academy. Together we were able to create and solve certain programming issues and develop new program needed. I was very grateful for the opportunity that was offered to me by IPKO Foundation and Jcoders since it broadened my perspective and my knowledge in the ICT field.

Moreover, my friend and I are looking forward to other projects by IPKO Foundation, because we still need initiatives like this to develop ourselves and to have a better understanding of what the job market needs. I hope that other students who were part of the “Education for Employability” project had a great experience as well. I thank both IPKO Foundation and JCoders for the opportunity and their time!

-Eron Krasniqi

“Education for Employability” project student

*This training is actualized as a part of IPKO Foundation’s “Education for Employability” project funded by the project ‘Luxembourg support for Civil Society in Kosovo’, financed by the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and managed by Kosovar Civil Society Foundation - KCSF