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March 3, 2014

More than 80 articles about Kosovo now in Wikipedia

Wiki Academy Kosovo II- City Marathon has accomplished its mission. More than 80 articles for Kosovo are published on Wikipedia during the last two days.

On Saturday, Gjakova Camp re-gathered participants from Peja, Gjakova and Prizren while on Sunday Prishtina was the meeting point for teams from Prishtine, Mitrovie, Gjilan, Shterpce and Ferizaj. Presentations were also part of this intensive weekend. Amir E. Aharoni and Petrit Augustini were the guest speakers who presented on “Manual of Style: How to make your article useful, readable and beautiful; Best practices for talk pages and discussions”, “NPOV & Communication with Wikipedians”, “Translating articles between languages: The past and the future” and  “Categories in Wikipedia: What are they good for and how to use them”.

After publishing their articles on Wikipedia, all teams had to present their work in front of all other participants, mentors and speakers.

Listed below you can see all articles written during these days.

Western Kosovo


Economy of Gjakova

Culture of Gjakova

Historical Monuments in Gjakova

The Old Bazaar, Gjakova

The Hadum Mosque

Events and Festivals in Gjakova


Culture of Deçan

School for Visually impaired in Peja

Education in Peja

Events and festivals in Peja

Rugova mountains

Anibar International Animation Festival

Peja Bath

Demography of Peja

Architecture of Peja


Has, Prizren

Orthodox Seminary of Prizren(Bogoslovija)

List of monuments in Prizren

Education in Prizren


Women of Krusha e Madhe

Culture in Prizren

Geography of Prizren

Eastern Kosovo


Chopin Piano Fest Pristina

Transport in Prishtina

Culture in Prishtina

Sport in Kosovo

Sport in Prishtina

National Theater of Kosovo

Events and festivals in Prishtina

Fairs in Prishtina

Pristina International Airport

Commercial centers in Prishtina

Music Composition and Composers in Prishtina

Electrical energy in Kosovo

Religion in Pristina

National Library of Kosovo

The Great Hamam of Prishtina

Ethnological Treasure of Kosovo

Media in Pristina

The Kosova National Art Gallery

Architecture in the Republic of Kosovo

Environmental Issues in Prishtina

Historical monuments in Prishtina

Education in Prishtina

Tourism in Prishtina

Film Festivals in Prishtina

Bazaar of Pristina

Water in Prishtina

Demographics of Pristina

Prishtina Dam Festival

Health Care in Kosovo

Germia Park

Theatres in Pristina

Open source in Kosovo

Industry of Kosovo

Politics in Prishtina



Archaeological sites of Mitrovica Region

Education in Mitrovica


Monuments in Mitrovica

Mitrovica Region

Demographics in Mitrovica


Education in Gjilan

Notable People of Gjilan

Flaka e Janarit

Sports in Gjilan

Economy of Gjilan


History of Ferizaj

Demographics of Ferizaj

Economy of Ferizaj

History of Kosovo Railways

Culture in Ferizaj

Archaeology of Ferizaj


Brezovica Ski Resort

Historical Monuments in Štrpce

Tourism in Shterpca

The Academy will close its second edition next Sunday with the gala event which will be held in the Red Hall in Prishtina where winners will be announced.