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April 4, 2016

IPKO Foundation opens the door to life-changing opportunities

Giving support is sometimes described as access to opportunity – an enabler that allows innovators to pursue their ambitions forward, and sometimes this is all we need in our lives, to give our dreams a shot!

Nurturing the seeds in education, supporting numerous tech and cultural events, organizing and cooperating with many partners to bring the modern spirit in Kosovo form the main mission of IPKO Foundation, which turns out to be one of the current key organizations in our country, that encourages and shapes youngsters’ goals and dreams. IPKO Foundation is happy and proud to have been, and continue to be, the ‘connection’ of many people with ideas, but who did not have the courage or the financial support to make their dream come true.

  • Are you a visionary individual who is seeking for a scholarship?
  • You have a genius idea which will turn out to be your future business but you do not have sufficient funds to launch it…
  • Are you encountering a lack of funds to implement your project?
  • You need expertize in your specific field but the only course which might help you is miles away from Kosovo!

IPKO Foundation is honored to announce that during 2016 many organizations and individuals can receive financial support to improve their personal and professional aspects! No matter if you are looking for a scholarship for your education, financial support for your newly opened NGO, for specific events or activities, support on your attempts on becoming a leader or a digital ambassador, support to facilitate your personal and social development, IPKO Foundation is keen and enthusiast to support you. And it is time to let you know when and how.

On this link you can find out about the criteria and eligibility in order to apply for Sponsorship: Link 

IPKO Foundation hopes that this opportunity will bring you optimism, encouragement and celebration!

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