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September 25, 2012

Investing in the technologic future of Kosovo

Investment in the future leaders of Kosovo and involvement of as many young people as possible in concrete projects, continues to be the core mission of IPKO Foundation. In partnership with the USAID Basic Education Program the Foundation is helping to develop the personal and ICT skills of Kosovo youth.

IPKO Foundation and BEP are working in partnership towards the following outcomes:

  • Students participating in Student Support Technology Clubs within schools aiming develop their personal and IT skills,
  • Schools organizing practical technological projects and activities for students such as “Design Challenges”, and
  • Students acting as volunteers in technology-related activities.

The Basic Education Program will:

  • Organize and support Student Support Technology Clubs in its partner schools,
  • Organize “Design Challenge Activities”,
  • Identify opportunities for students from high schools and universities to volunteer in technology-related activities within the Program

The IPKO Foundation will:

  • Provide annual awards to students from Student Support Technology Clubs,
  • Sponsor awards for the “Design Challenge Exhibition”
  • Recruit older students to support BEP Programs (e.g. help in Student Support Technology Clubs and design challenges) and organize a tour of scholars to meet with Student Support Technology Clubs in different regions.