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May 23, 2017

Inspiring Young Tech-Minds!

Kids’ creativity knows no limits, and neither do technological possibilities – put these two together and amazing things can happen! This is exactly what we try to do with Design Challenge, use one to induce the other.

The Design Challenge brings together these young, innovative minds from all of Kosovo’s schools to compete in the five challenges presented. The students are required to work and code using computers, Control Box, and LEGO Robots to create mechanisms, robots, videos, and logos based on the design challenge guidelines.

The Design Challenge was originally a USAID project, which IPKO Foundation has been implementing for the past two years. This year we collaborated with Cacttus Education who were generous enough to provide free trainings for the winning students thus, further develop their curiosity, skills, and knowledge. Also, special thanks goes to the Education Directory of the Municipality of Prishtina for providing us with the location!

After weeks of inspiring work, over 130 students from 18 schools were gathered at Sheshi Zahir Pajaziti to showcase their creations! The grumpy weather held no comparison to the warm atmosphere they created at the square as their teachers observed proudly and the students showed their work to the by passers.

As the exhibition came to an end, the kids were presented with participating certificates and the five winning schools with trophies! The winning schools are:

Automata Challenge – Abdullah Shabani, Mitrovica.
Alice Challenge – Naim Frasheri, Gllabar, Drenas.
Control Box – Vellezerit Frasheri, Lipjan.
FMS Logo – Eqrem Qabej, Mitrovice.
Lego Robot – Naim Frasheri, Prishtine.

Till the next challenge and next exhibition!

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