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December 8, 2014

IF wins FIDES Award 2014

IPKO Foundation is pleased to have been selected to receive the FIDES Award for Philanthropic Contribution on the National Level.  We are humbled to be counted in the company of past recipients.

FIDES Award symbolizes a great gratitude to the companies and individuals from Kosova and Diaspora who systematically and carefully supported activities and projects of common interest.

Since our founding in 1999, IPKO Foundation has seeded and supported the development of the next generation of leaders with a digital vision for Kosovo. Through our scholarship program, education and training initiatives, sponsorship of local events and engagement with government and other civil society organizations, the Foundation continues to promote and support Kosovar initiatives to incorporate the use of technology and develop a digital vision for Kosovo.

This award, and the successful outcomes that these projects have produced, is recognition of the astounding support that IF has given in an effort to increase the welfare of the Kosovar community. Receiving the award this year serves to motivate us to positively influence the lives of individuals through financial aid and by engaging in several projects that have the very same objective.

IPKO Foundation is the first locally endowed foundation in Kosovo established with money made locally but we hope it is not the last. We hope that our investment serves as an inspiration for other business leaders looking to find ways to give back to the country and the economy. Invest for a brighter social future!