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May 18, 2016

Design Challenge 2016 – Final Preps Before the Big Day

On the journey of teaching practical engineering and robotic skills to young aspiring lovers of technology, Design Challenge has seen some beautiful creations from eager creators.

IPKO Foundation is thrilled to have inherited the project – Design Challenge, from USAID – Basic Education Program, since this initiative intrigues young enthusiasts who are passionate about technology. This event aims to bring together high schoolers with a passion for technology, who build and design interesting LEGO robots and control box systems and bring them to ‘life’! What gives Design Challenge a more scientific feel is the side of the project that requires from the participants to create detailed technical plans of their robots.

Challenges were prepared in five main categories: Programmable LEGO robots, equipment using Computer Control Box, short animated films using ALICE Software, Automata, and Logo’s using computer graphic software. The teams were encouraged to be creative, problem solvers and dedicated. To say that IPKO Foundation staff and jury members were utterly inspired and entertained by the submissions of the young tech-lovers is an understatement. The work we have witnessed has left us amazed and, for that, we thank the schools for teaching and helping their participants from the beginning till the end.

All of the youngsters’ work was presented by the teams to the jury members, and they had the opportunity to rate the teams’ work based on their commitment and final results. The award ceremony will be held this Friday at “Zahir Pajaziti” square in Prishtina, starting from 10:00 AM, where the work of the youngsters will be exhibited. We invite you, the audience, to become part of celebrating the success of these youngsters and encouraging them to embark on a technological voyage of their lives filled with passion and love for technology. These are the future change-makers of our society, and we would love for you to join us in this celebration.

Here are the Challenges for 2016!