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September 11, 2018

CampCamp a workshop for BarCamps

IPKO Foundation team has successfully implemented the workshop CampCamp for the organizers of BarCamps. The workshop aimed to develop and strengthen skills and knowledge of organizer of BarCamps and BarCamp in Your City with 9 Municipalities, offering them presentations by IPKO Foundation on what BarCamps have achieved this far and what we can do more in order to have new editions of BarCamps stronger than before. The presentation was led by Vlora Shabiu, Program Associate at IF and assisted by Ereza Gjikolli also Program Associate at IF.

The program continued with the second presentation from Shpend Mustafa – Researcher at Initiative for Progres INPO and organizer of BarCamp Ferizaj since 2013, also known as one of the most successful BarCamp, always having a full house during their editions. His presentation was quite inspiring for the participants especially for the new organizers like BarCamp Mitrovica who claimed that they learned a lot from Shpend’s experience.

The second part of the program was held by a group of mentors from Unicef Innovations Lab and IF by implementing program PODIUM which contains: Presentation on Kosovo Volunteer Platform: Advocacy and Lobbying with local stakeholders and decision-makers and the usage of Social Media in more effective manner. The mentors divided the participants into two groups and gave them two challenges, group 1. Education and group 2. Technology. Within these challenges, they discussed several topics on how to advocate the decision makers and how to use social and virtual media to implement their initiatives and make positive changes.

Lastly, the participants were very satisfied with all the program. The CampCamp workshop served as an opportunity to grow their knowledge on how to organize a BarCamp and it allowed them to meet with their fellow BC organizers.