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November 26, 2013

BarCamps all around Kosovo, part of Global Entrepreneurship Week

Seven days of each November are booked for Global Entrepreneurship Week – the world’s biggest initiative to celebrate and recognize innovators and job creator who realize ideas and dreams and bring to life startups. Kosovo is also part of this global event and IPKO Foundation has been a loyal supporter since the beginning.

This year, GEW activities that took place from 19 to 23 November involved also five BarCamps held in five municipalities of Kosovo. Our speakers this time were those to whom the GEW is dedicated – innovators, entrepreneurs and job creators of Kosovo – talking thus to inspire an audience of more than 500 youngster.

BarCamp Prishtina #17

Vllaznim Xhiha, Linda Shala and Gentian Lluka were those who shared their experiences with the youngsters in Prishtina. Xhiha, who left his life in Switzerland to come and live in Kosova, has decided to contribute in job creation and innovation by encouraging young entrepreneurs to realize their business ideas. A role model for many women, Linda Shala, from managing a small shop in her neighborhood in the beginnings of her career, she now manages a big electronic shop while she was successful in journalism and advocating initiatives for women. was the company that raised a lot of interest in the audience, but Gentian Lluka is the owner of SMARD Online and Mandeta as well, thus having to share an interesting work experience as an entrepreneur. Through these talks, Prishtinians left the ODA Theater with an important lesson that if your work hard enough everything is achievable. Gallery

BarCamp Ferizaj #3

In the framework of activities organized during the GEW BarCamp Ferizaj gathered in one place about 100 participants who had the chance to see three interesting presentations from Astrit Granica, Enver Haliti and Flakerin Ismani. Coming from a successful company of young architects, Astrit showed to the audience that with hard work and great passion even biggest dreams become true. In the other hand, Ever brought to BarCamp his experience on building international companies. MECATYP, Enver’s company, has entered the international trade due to dedication and quality that it offers for international consumers. Another success story of a design and programming company took place in this edition of BarCamp Ferizaj. An enthusiast owner and very interactive speaker, Flakerim told a lot of his life and his path toward a successful businessman. Gallery

BarCamp Gjilan #3

Gjilan was the other city that through BarCamps became part of this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week. An audience of almost 100 people listened to remarkable experiences of Florian Kurteshi, Bardha Agushi and Lejla Sadiku. Florian Kurteshi is a startup-er himself. He has established a private kindergarten and despite the challenges, opportunities were catched and his startup is standing on its own feet. Bardha Agushi, and her company partner Drenusha, have started a small business commercializing their talent: handmade jewelry. The demand for their products is ever increasing expanding further the business and their innovative ideas.  Lelja Sadiku from UNDP talked about two important terms with regards to entrepreneurship: crowd-sourcing and crowd-funding. Her interaction with audience was remarkable and the latter will remember for a long time what these terms mean. Gallery

BarCamp Prizren #6

Galdim Jusufi, Besim Dida, and Annea Hapçiu were those who shared their experiences with almost 70 youngsters in Prizren. In a city like Prizren, tourism should be seen as a good opportunity. This is what Galdim did by entering the hostel industry in this old city. A great presenter who got the attention of audience was Besim Dida who told his interesting story of recovering a failed project and making it a successful one. Finally, some relaxing time with the yoga story of Annea was the amazing end to this lively BarCamp. Gallery

BarCamp Gjakova #4 

More than one hundred people were the audience to the four speakers who enriched that series of GWE BarCamps. Valmir Mustafa presented on the EYE Venture Race and the first year experience telling about the challenges of the beginning. At least four businesses make the entrepreneurship of Edi Bunjaku and a good experience sharing baggage for the audience. Leonora Kusari, talked about difficulties that a female entrepreneur faces while sharing her long professional experiences as a leader. Innovation and broadband networks were the focus of speech given by Fatos Stavileci – a great speakers who easily grabbed the attention of the attendees. Gallery