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May 4, 2012

BarCamp Prizren

After five awesome meetings in Prishtina, BarCamp team moved to another city. The first step onset of such meetings outside the capital was Prizren. The Public University of this city for some hours was a gathering point of around 50 young enthusiasts who had the opportunity to discuss with people with remarkable backgrounds. The main speakers on this BarCamp were Besfort Guri and Taulant Ramabaja.

The after café was maybe the best part of that day because real issues were in a very personal manner discussed. People discussed how to solve the issue of internship requirements for ICT students in Prizren, considering that there are practically no local ICT companies. Another hot topic was how to get people together to build projects and companies, they seems to have issues with simply finding one another. BarCamp helped with that.

Besfort Guri: Business development and the creation of open source software tools for GIS

Besfort Guri is bachelor of computer science. Expertise of the work started in Logistics Plus as a Software Developer for 1 year, and now works at the company GIS D & A Center Kosovo as Geodatabase Administrator and member of FLOSSK. Having experiences on working with open source software tools for GIS he explained the differences between proprietary software and open source ones and the opportunities for the application of these open source tools on Kosovo’s businesses.

Taulant Ramabaja: Opportunity outsourcing, work from remote and institutions can be contacted

Taulant Ramabaja is the organizer of BarCamp Prishtina, CEO and cofounder sudo: base. He is a devoted activist of free and open software in FLOSSK. Taulant has completed four years at AUK and Bachelor of “Arts and Sciences” in the fields of management and public policy; passionate study of the so-called Complex Systems (Complex Systems). Taulant will be explaining the opportunities Kosovo has on outsourcing working from abroad.