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February 23, 2018

BarCamp Prishtina #49 – Building Blocks of One’s Community

Another topic, another BarCamp, and three more future-building speakers!

We try to bring inspiration to our audience with each BarCamp edition by inviting speakers who are top of their field, and this time we out-did ourselves. Our three speakers, Mentor Nimani, Nikki Murseli, and Adrian Berisha, are three individuals who use their goodwill to the best of their abilities to create a better future not only for themselves but for their community!

In last night’s BarCamp we talked about active citizenship and what makes a person a part of a community? Is it merely co-existing with other people in an environment or is it working towards bettering that environment without expecting any returns? Do we owe it to our co-citizens to go out of our way for the common good or are we morally-free to go on with our lives with a narrow view of personal gains?

Our first speaker, Mentor Nimani, shared the story of how helped turn his neighborhood into a family-friendly environment by starting small and eventually including his neighbors, neighborhood policeman, and so on. Throughout the entire talk he put a special emphasis on the importance of speaking out about obvious issues and instead of complaining without taking any action, complaining to the competent institutions and taking the lead on.

After Mentor we got a different point of view by Nikki Murseli who talked about the power a group of people can have in reaching their common goals! Nikki is one of the creators of Termokiss. She talked about the importance of such community centers that help empower youth and impact the development of the entire country in the longterm. This, according to Nikki, is reached through every citizen’s good will and free will!

Adrian Berisha showed us another side of community building: individual contribution. He shared with us the work that he has done through the years as a volunteer and as an active citizen whether it was concerning the environment, stray animals, informal education, youth involvement in sports and so on. He told us his vision of turning Prishtina into a better place for us and future generations as well through active citizenship!

* This activity was organized as a part of “Volunteerism for chance: Promoting volunteerism and active citizenship in Kosovo” project, implemented by Democracy for Development (D4D) in partnership with George Williams Youth Association and financially supported by British Embassy in Prishtina.

Until the next edition,