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September 28, 2011

BarCamp Prishtina #1

Who knew that if you threw an event in a bar in Prishtina, people would come to hear inspiring stories of innovation, challenge and risk taking. More than 50 people participated in the first BarCamp Prishtina, which was held in Filikaqa bar.

At BarCamp Prishtina #1 speakers shared about: Digital maps and their use for social issues, mobile application development and entrepreneurship in Kosova. Besfort Guri, Milot Shala, Yll Rugova and Visar Arifajwere the guest speakers who dedicated their time and energy to the BarCamp participants.

Besfort Guri: Digital maps and their use for social issues

Guri focused his speech on presenting the Ushahidi’s work in Kosova, Ushahidi’s possibilities, projects with FLOSSK and study cases from abroad. Part of his speech was also an open discussion with audience about the possible projects that can be implemented in the future.

● Milot Shala: Mobile application development 

His experience as a developer of mobile applications for QT and Android was the main focus during Shala’s speech. He presented some samples and discussed with audience the future of mobile applications. Together with the audience Shala also tested an application that has aroused particular interest to the participants.

● Yll Rugova & Visar Arifaj: Entrepreneurship in Kosova 

Throughout their presentation Rugova and Arifaj spoke about their personal experience during the establishment of “Trembela”. They spoke about their non business projects, their inclusion on different social issues through design and they also shared advice for young entrepreneurs.