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July 24, 2019

Kino Armata

Kino ARMATA is a public space in Prishtina, promoting alternative culture and social dialogue. It is operational since April 2018, housed in an old socialist-era cinema in central Prishtina, and has been providing regular cinema program including art-house films, showcases of particular important directors and actors, documentary films, etc., as well concerts promoting local and international artists, talks and debates on various public interest topics, etc.


As a place of cultural exchange and social dialogue, in only one year of its operation, Kino ARMATA has established itself as the main hub for alternative culture in Prishtina and Kosovo. It has created a strong bond with the local community, it has developed a series of projects with other organizations and professionals operating in Kosovo (not only from the cultural sector), and has stimulated and helped artists and cultural enthusiasts (especially the younger generation) quench their thirst for new artistic expression. Highlights from the first year include major film retrospectives by Jean-Luc Godard, Costa-Gavras, Martin Scorcese, Raoul Peck, etc., concerts by Camera (Germany), Theodore (Greece), Chinabot (Thailand), as well as local artists Ambasadi, Erëmira Çitaku, Rona Nishliu, Liburn Jupolli, etc., but also numerous activities organized in partnership with community-based organization including the launch of Doku.Tech conference 2019 with the performances by Jasmina Tesanovic, Tetris and Ellamaeflossie.


Kino ARMATA is an independently run cultural institution, with the space being owned by the state (managed by the Ministry of Public Administration), given to the Prishtina Municipality for use, and managed by the independent Foundation (Fondacioni ARMATA) that is in charge of the program and operations. This is a unique scenario where the authorities from the state, municipality and local community have joined forces to create an independent cultural institution. It is a functioning model, where state and local bodies assist the community in operational and technical aspects with the sole aim of providing independent programming.


The main project goal is to create a space for the involvement and employment of young professionals and enthusiasts who will give their societal contribution in educating future decision-makers and influencers on how to become socially active and conscious. It will employ film, music and media professionals who will be involved in lecturing and production, as well as young enthusiasts who are willing to share and help with creating a vibrant program and developing an important alternative culture institution.


* Besides IPKO Foundation, main partners and donors of Kino ARMATA include Prishtina Municipality, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), EU-funded project Culture for Change, etc.


PHOTO CAPTION/CREDITS: Theodore from Athens, Greece, performing at Kino ARMATA on 6 November 2018. Photo by Atdhe Mulla.