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November 23, 2018

An opportunity to grow…

As students, we spend a lot of time studying, working and preparing ourselves for the future. In the midst of it all, we sometimes lose our energy, focus, and persistence. In such moments, a platform like IPKO Foundation and its scholarship program give us the right push to go forward.

The biggest benefit of the IPKO Foundation Scholarship program is that it helps to reduce the financial burden of our tuition. By doing so, this scholarship allows us to focus more on our studies and future plans. However, to me, this scholarship is more than a financial aid; it is the validation of our achievements as students. I see IPKO Foundation scholarship as a form of appreciation for our hard work and persistence towards becoming the best version of ourselves.

Additionally, last year, as an IPKO Foundation scholar, I got the opportunity to be part of wonderful projects, such as DOKU.TECH and Girls in ICT. As a youth activist and someone who is passionate about community service, I have immensely benefited from this experience. Volunteering in these activities gave me the opportunity to meet brilliant people that can help me in my future personal and professional endeavors.

I strongly believe that young minds should be nurtured and appreciated, and that’s why I congratulate IPKO Foundation for doing so for the youngsters of Kosovo. The competitive process of being elected an IPKO Foundation scholar is an indicator that many of my peers are great students and deserve this scholarship.

Therefore, given the benefits and the advantages of the IPKO Foundation scholarship, I encourage every ambitious student to apply for this scholarship and embrace its benefits.

-Jona Jaha