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August 13, 2018

Dreams Are Worth More than Money

Students are faced with daily financial struggles more than most people. Because most of our time is dedicated toward our studies, we cannot really afford—from a time perspective—to work full time in order to earn the money we need. This ineligibility to earn and spend my own money was stressing me out, and in some instances, it was deconcentrating me from my studies.

Ever since I became a beneficiary of the IPKO Foundation Scholarship, the amount of the aforementioned stress drastically decreased. Additionally, I have also noticed that ever since I earned this scholarship, my academic performance has improved and I have an easier time concentrating and working on achieving my goals. Basically, reducing the financial stress has helped my betterment.

Putting the obvious financial benefit aside, this scholarship has also had a much larger impact on a different aspect of my life. I am, and have always been, a very ambitious person with many goals and big plans for my future. I am constantly working on achieving these goals, however, sometimes, I come across problems which I fail to overcome and during these times, it seems that all my hard work is going unnoticed and I want to give up. Winning the IPKO Foundation Scholarship has shown me that my hard work is noticed and appreciated, thus, making this scholarship a big motivator. This scholarship pushes me to work even harder on making my dreams a reality.

I encourage every hardworking and ambitious student to apply to this program because this scholarship, although it may not seem so, will help you financially, but more importantly, it will enable you to chase your dreams, and I truly believe that dreams are worth more than money.