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January 15, 2018

One Step Closer

Whenever I find myself in a stressful situation, or at the least, am confronted by a challenge, I imagine myself talking to my future self, who has already overcome it. He talks to me with calmness, as if he has managed to do it with ease. I imagine feeling those positive vibes, and all of this encourages me to go forward so that I and my future self can soon become one.

I recall doing this back before I applied for the scholarship. Those were some nerve wrecking days up until I finished the application, since it happened to be in the middle of my final exams’ period. I still did not see myself become a receiver of the scholarship from IPKO Foundation though, yet the application itself made me think of my motivations for the future. The well thought out application and all in all experience was a great clarifier to many things regarding my future. As natural sciences are mostly discouraged in Kosovo, I still found the morale to follow my dream of becoming a scientist, or more specifically a physicist.  I simply enjoy the time I give in studying physics. For me, it is not merely a subject; it is a well written, neverending story, of which I can’t get enough. I am in awe every time I realize a mechanism of the universe and am amazed with the geniality of the ones who figured it out.

The road is a long one with many obstacles, and I’m nowhere near finishing it, however with every little step it becomes clearer to me of what I want to do, and with every push I get by someone I become more encouraged. Such was the case with the IPKO Foundation Scholarship which I consider a big help during my journey. Be it on the financial or academic perspective, it was a ladder to my further advancement. Through it, I wasn’t only able to invest in my education by buying some of the most critically acclaimed physics textbooks, and taking as many courses concerning my field of study, but also having the honor to being able to list it to one of my achievements as it is also a great reference for future applications. However the most notable thing about winning the scholarship for me was the fact that it is so encouraging. Having someone who directly helps you achieve your goals is one of the greatest things that can happen to one. I have become more and more focused now on getting a better education, and with the scholarship I have already cleared up many obstacles.

Looking back now to the time I still didn’t apply, I would calmly advise myself to not hesitate on taking the opportunity to improve yourself. That the work it takes is worth every moment you invest in it; that there are hands to help you but you need to stretch out for them. I’d advice that to anybody who has goals that are limited by the circumstances they live in. Don’t miss the chance on applying for a program that has helped so many people until now. Apply now, and get one step closer to what you want to be in life.