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November 22, 2017

IPKO Foundation helped me before I can help the world

When I decided to become a doctor, the only thing that was flying through my mind was “Well, I will help the world and save lives.” and it gave me the right reason to follow my long, cold and really hard road. These days I’ve arrived almost at the end of road and I can see a table where it’s written “YOU DID IT SON!” but I have to walk a little bit more.

This journey was hard as you can’t really imagine but with work, hope and help I could keep going on. One of the helps was IPKO Foundation which was a great trampoline to get me higher to my goals. Despite long-hour nights with no sleep and food, kilometers running through hospital halls and stairs, falling asleep lectures, old-borrowed books and other bad conditions, I had some lifelines who gave me strength to overcome everything. Medicine is not my profession but it’s a passion. I do it become I love not because I have to. I also got a gift which is technology. Technology is the X of every equation that is supposed to not have any solution. Even in my field, medicine, the technology is everywhere. We make every examination and every surgery with our magic hands but yet we use technology to help our work. Without technology we would be slow and probably mistaken more. Knowing technology guarantees me to maybe be a better doctor for my people and that led me to a scholarship from IPKO Foundation. When I was chosen as winner, it made my day because at that moment I got rid of the financial issues I had during that time. For a student like me that comes from a middle family, it was such a great financial help which saved me money to buy more books, buy equipment, pay rent for a better apartment, save to plan for a little holiday and other things that I was missing until that time. This was possible thanks to TECHNOLOGY and IPKO Foundation. My utmost gratitude to the opportunity which IPKO Foundation gave me and they’re kind staff which gave me every instruction and has been patient and gentle.

Technology to the world is what sun is to the Earth, it gives light and life. That’s why we have to love everything what technology brings us. Do not stop thinking and finding what your precious brain holds because we all are destined for big things in this world. We can make world a better place and like Dory from Finding Nemo says “Just keep swimming”, there is no better place to swim than technology. Also, the best wave of ocean that will give you a push is IPKO Foundation.

Be part of this program, apply and do not waste your opportunity. You are value to the country and let your name be heard. You will be thankful for meeting IF just as I am and I will always be.