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June 30, 2017

Don’t let the lack of money crush your dreams!

As far as I can remember myself, my biggest dream was to become a doctor. Luckily that dream soon turned into reality. From an early age, I was determined and worked hard to build the path towards the longing goal I had set for myself. And after hundreds of sleepless nights combined with coffee, the ambition I had in medical school finally graduated and became my profession.

But never have I thought that somehow my profession would be related to technology. Well, now days is actually quiet hard to find a field that does not require applied sciences…

But, again you might ask yourself how; and what does medicine have to do with technology?

Well let me enlighten you.

Keep in mind that we live in a country that is facing a transition period and abuses with different substances are becoming unavoidable. This unpleasant situation made me take a step further than others and choose this field to research for my master thesis.

Every bad has a good in them they say, the lack of equipment and labs are one of the main reasons which made me aim further and get accepted to Medical University of Lublin, in Poland, which gave me the perfect opportunity to finish the experimental part of my master thesis in the field of pharmacology. Those experiments were all about addictive substances that may cause depression and the latter cannot be done without the specific equips and specialized staff. And that’s exactly where I thought that this scientific research will have its impact in Kosovar society. Certified and prepared on how to use the devices, would be ideal to ally with companies that operates in the field of medical technology and put effort into bringing the necessary instruments in Kosovo.

Behind the curtains of this beautiful journey, stands IPKO Foundation without whom none of this would be possible. Being a student who comes from a middle class family, life outside the borders can be quiet expensive. That’s why I choose to apply for IPKO Foundation scholarship. It might seem a small gesture to others, but it really helped me to stay focused on my goal without the financial burden on my shoulders!

If you’re a person with good ambitions, with ideas and innovative plans for the future, but financial support is the answer your idea hasn’t turn into your work. Then you’re at the right page! IPKO Foundation is the perfect opportunity for you. Don’t let the lack of money crush something that might change our lives for a better in the future. But instead, sit down and apply now!