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May 19, 2017

The right push, at the right time!

With the latest technology innovations happening faster than ever before, we are witness of most advanced time in human history. Living at this time is luck, but being a part of the developers world who make these innovations is a blessing. This is the reason that I will never regret choosing to study computer science. It represent a combination of art and science, where people can use creativity in different ways to solve problems of different magnitudes.

I have been part of different projects with the purpose of helping young generations to learn more about technology and become part of this interesting field. These projects included mostly e-learning softwares focused in different aspects of computer science. But, I’ve seen that one of the main problems of these kind of voluntary projects are financial status. That’s where IPKO Foundation has it’s impact. With the scholarships that IPKO Foundation provides, it helps these volunteers to focus on their purpose instead of the financial problems.

Personally the scholarship I gained from this institution except that helped me in my tuition fees for my studies, it helped me buy the books and other material I wanted to posses, for expanding my knowledge outside the curriculum, and also helped me focus on creating some tools which would help other students or youngsters aspiring to become computer scientist in different problems that they occur during their studies. I think the best way you can help your country is by sharing your knowledge and collaborate with others by helping them, same as IPKO Foundation does, because only together we can achieve greater results.

Given my experience I strongly recommend other passionate and motivated persons about technology to apply for this scholarship. It will help you in many aspects, including focusing on solving the right problems that our society has. It also helps you to meet a whole organization of like-minded people, who are passionate, motivated and with full energy to help our generation to change our future for the better.