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April 21, 2017

Joining this new family!

Hi everyone!

My name is Blin Berdoniqi and I am currently enrolled on my 3rd year of studies at RIT Kosova (Former AUK); this year I have become part of IPKO Foundation Scholars community. Personally, I have had the pleasure of enjoying many different events that were organized from IPKO Foundation throughout the years prior to applying for the sponsorship program.

So far I have been part of two different events organized by IPKO Foundation, DOKU:TECH and BarCamp. These two events definitely had an impact on shaping my thinking and goals. Bringing the most valuable minds of Kosovo and beyond together and sharing their success stories was what gave me hope to continue on my journey for the fulfillment of my goals. Also Doku Tech gave ma glipse of how the digital future of Kosovo may look like on the upcoming years. Both of these events gave me the opportunity and the space to learn more about technology and ways to reach my self-actualization.

Receiving a sponsorship from IPKO Foundation was not only a great help for paying my tuition fees, but much more. Throughout the years I have heard all kind of stories about this foundation and different ways that they contributed to the society of Kosovo especially to the youngsters. IPKO foundation was one of the only foundations to push on the technology improvements in Kosovo and also in advancement of youngster’s goals. Becoming part of the IPKO Foundation Scholars community gave me the opportunity to shape these goals even further, open doors and create connections that I will carry on with me throughout my journey.

As when it comes to the new generation of the scholars, I encourage you to apply to become part of this community not only because of the financial help they give you; but, because you become part of the biggest family in Kosovo which is full of youngsters with great potential. And let me tell you something- family never lets you down.