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March 31, 2017

It challenges you, and it will change you!

During my upbringing, I have been taught about the importance of education over any other achievement in life. It has been ingrained in my head that gaining knowledge can provide the best personal advancement for any individual and that it will always yield the best interest.

As a student committed to excellence, I have always wished to have the best possible chance for a bright future. During my bachelor studies, I have been engaged in many social, cultural and other extracurricular activities that have shaped and enlightened my personality and helped me gain professional experience.

IPKO Foundation Scholarship, besides helping me to lessen the impact of tuition costs; it endorsed my hard work and motivated me to continue on a successful trend towards further reaching my goals. It encouraged me to be endowed with the fundamental principles which will pave the way for my own personal future.

Being an IPKO Foundation scholar is a great honor and its contribution towards self-actualization and motivation outweigh the financial advantage. IPKO Foundation reinforced the fact that dreams do come true. Furthermore, it helped me understand that with a little bit of motivation, hard work and commitment, one can do great things and I expect my future career to be a journey which I embark upon with great enthusiasm.

I highly encourage all enthusiastic and motivated dreamers to apply for this scholarship. You don’t have to become part of social patterns. IPKO Foundation Scholarship will challenge you, but most importantly it will change you. You only have to be true, unique and apply now!