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February 17, 2017

E-Learning as our best chance for fixing our failed education system

Innovation, ideas, startups are impossible without any funding because we live in a capitalist world and pushing ideas forward won’t be possible without any it. Here in my home country funding is almost impossible to get, government grants are almost impossible to get and most of the other institutions who offer grants are overcrowded by requests, so funding for projects by individuals are hard to come by.

This is what happened to my project ‘Akademia e Dijes’ a non-profit e-Learning portal first of it’s kind in Albanian which I started back in 2013 and for 3 years tried to keep it running with my own money, paying for equipment, website hosting costs and also dedicating a huge amount of effort to keep things smooth and running which was becoming harder and harder, then the IPKO Foundation Sponsorship came and made it possible to do more research, invest on quality which will be seen soon on future content and UX.

When I saw the application and read the rules and requirements for the sponsorship they fit my projects category and needs so I just had to hope that my project was among the bests to win the sponsorship. I won the sponsorship and I hope that that it will serve it’s purpose.