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February 3, 2017

Show before the show!

When working, every day is like a reality show. You have tasks (work tasks), you have collaborators (colleagues), you have judges (clients). PunPun (Work Work) is the reality show that simulates all of this, with funny tasks, difficult collaborators and a very professional jury. The second season, that is being aired on KTV every Friday from 20:45 it was definitely the show before “the show”.

The aim of the reality show produced by Trembelat is to educate young people on the challenges faced when applying for a job. From writing a CV, to speech articulation, to interviews, to collaboration, even clothes used. Everything is judged by the very long line of names that represent the jury of the show. People like Venera Mustafa, Arben Zharku, Mërgim Cahani and Linda Shala.

From 380 candidates that applied online for the show, only 28 are selected for the final part of the show. But in the end only one of them will get the main prize, that is a scholarship from IPKO Foundation worth 1000€, and 3330 euro scholarship for masters by Kolegji Universum in Prishtina. The winner has been announced on 30th of December, on KTV.

The show is backed by EYE Helvetas, Ministry for Employment and Social Welfare and from GIZ – YEPiK program.