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January 18, 2017

Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving toward your goals!

When I was first enrolled in University, despite the stress of being a newbie and adapting to the newly founded environment, one of the biggest point of stress for me was tuition. For some of us, a big part of our academic life goes to work and study in hopes we manage to pay tuition and continue pursuing a career and stable future. For the past four years, apart from studying full time, I have been particularly involved in extracurricular activities and work. By working and being part of these activities, I was hoping to teach myself how to deal with lots of things at the same time, but without thinking that this could be a slight impediment to academic success.

Being an Ipko Foundation Scholar helped me re-focus on what is important for me during my studies. The stress of working, other responsibilities and studying at the same time can increase the probability of discontinuing studies, and also make life unsustainable. Winning a scholarship means you can more easily put your efforts and time on studies and also support your future goals.

Apart from lessening my financial burden, this scholarship has motivated me to not only be a content blogger, but also a video blogger. By having more free time, I took many online courses and tutorials for Adobe Premiere and Illustrator and finally decided to continue my passion of blogging with video blogging. Certainly, being an Ipko Foundation scholar has helped me realize my potential and inspired me to contribute to the possibility of broadening my professional horizon further.

Lastly, I would encourage all dreamers, hard-workers, visionaries to apply for this scholarship. For me, it is an absolute honor and achievement to be an Ipko Foundation scholar. This scholarship makes quotes like “Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving toward your goals” become a reality. Apply!