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October 14, 2014

What Being an IPKO Foundation Scholar is All About

My name is Anila Qehaja and I am a senior student at the RIT’s A.U.K. campus in Kosovo, concentrating in Public Policy and Management. As someone interested in energy and environmental policy, I have been working as a research assistant at the RIT/A.U.K. Center for Energy and Natural Resources (CENR) for almost a year now.

The projects in which I have been involved through CENR at the time were closely related to technology; thus, my work experience automatically qualified me to apply for the IPKO Foundation’s Next Generation Scholarships program. My drive for policy and technology was acknowledged, and I became an IPKO Foundation Scholar.

Aside from lifting a part of the financial burden of my education, IPKO Foundation proved itself to be a life-changing opportunity for me. It offered me the chance to be part of a circle of scholars and professionals who never cease to maintain an immaculate environment to learn and grow in. Being part of the team enabled one to organize, coordinate, or get first-hand information on a wide range of projects, like Wiki Academy, BarCamp, and AppCamp, among others. These projects empowered the dissemination of important information to us and the public, constantly shedding light on new developments, leaders, tools, and processes in the field of technology. More importantly, these interactions with like-minded, and not so like-minded, individuals consisted in themselves extensive networking opportunities. Networking led to the creation of a community of people who supported one another, breaking the barriers of time and space.

When I initially met the IPKO Foundation staff, the first question I was asked was “Is there any way we can assist you with any project plans you might have?” This fairly simple question provided me with a deep-rooted understanding of the nature of the team I was now part of. My first impression resulted to be an everlasting one: A supportive and dedicated team of professionals are eager to help me in any way possible, constantly inspiring me to do just the same.