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April 4, 2014

Being part of something big

My life has been all about physics and mathematics these past years. I study constructive engineering in University of Prishtina, before that i graduated in Mathematics Science in “Sami Frasheri” Gymnasium. Most of my free time, i play on my bass guitar, trying to figure out a nice tune for me and my band to work on. I write, a lot. From poems to essays to scetchbooks. And to complete that writing, i always add up a bunch of paintings and drawings, where i try to put as much feelings as i can. I share all of this free-work, life experience and wanna-be bipolarism with friends and strangers on various blogs on the internet. Because that’s the only way to connect and to judge these days, peer to peer.

Last year, i saw an opportunity to help myself and my country to have its reputation grow more beautiful than it is. While i was surfing on the internet, i stumbled on a Facebook page, called Wiki Academy Kosovo, powered by IF ( IPKO Foundation). It sounded interesting, so i took a peek. I read About the project, and i was fascinated. What a great idea! I ended up filling an online application, and participating in that event and wining a price.

This year, i wanted to participate again. But then i thought, why not give a chance to the younger generations, they know whats happening more then i do. So i decided to apply as a volunteer and help making it happen. I didn’t know it was going to be that much of a deal, it was so great. I started off by working in the IF office in Prishtina, with the hardest working crew I’ve ever seen in my life. A great experience came out of that, helping them do presentations in schools and universities all over Kosovo. Next, I had to choose between keeping the event on track with social media, or mentoring the participants and help them develop their articles (during Prishtina and Gjakova camps). I choose the second one, for one reason: I wanted to see how the young generation is doing, and I wasn’t disappointed.

I imagine myself on future IF events. They give a lot for Kosovo and it’s youth, and give a chance to every young adult to prove themselves on Kosovo’s behalf and their personal achievement. And being part of all that? It is something you can’t forget and you will remember all your life.