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December 27, 2013

Being an IF Scholar

Nothing is compared to the joy I felt when received the e-mail saying I was one of the winners of the IPKO Foundation Scholarship Program. That could be because of the word winner in there, certainly, but the truth is that the doors that are open to you later on are those that give meaning to that joy. For two years, I was lucky enough to not think about paying the school – which is great – but I have also been involved in many valuable projects and also in a network of people from whom one can learn a lot.

The range of activities that IPKO Foundation offered to me as a scholar vary from dinners with successful personalities of different professional fields to meetings with young tech geeks of junior high schools around Kosovo where I was fascinated by their passion for technology. However, above all, I appreciate the opportunity given to me when I was invited to manage important projects like Wiki Academy Kosovo and Internet Integration for Kosovo. Both of these are important projects which aim to make our new country better recognized abroad.

So in two years, I got two scholarships, met important personalities, was filled with hope that Kosovo has a bright future in technology and I managed projects which through technology help my country towards a better international recognition. The most important outcome of all these activities is that I met so many new people who are great friends.

Having said that, being a scholar of IPKO Foundation does not mean only not having to worry about paying the tuition fee for it is a life changing opportunity which offers much more than that.