Whether you are a company, government institution or non profit organization, we welcome working with you.

Sponsorship could include:

  1. Event space you would like to rent at a discount
  2. Hosting of debates, discussions or activities at your offices,
  3. A donation of food or drinks,
  4. Sponsorship of event prizes,
  5. Renting of technical equipment for our events,
  6. Putting your editing, writing, designing, photography skills to work,
  7. Working as a mentor, or judge.

A partnership with IPKO Foundation brings wide range of benefits to your organization and/or project.

Since 1999 IPKO Foundation has worked closely with different entities from public institutions to civil society and companies such as Government of Kosovo Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of European Integration, British Embassy, Norwegian Embassy, British Council, USAID, UNDP, Unicef Innovations Lab, FLOSSK, Innovation Center Kosovo, IPKO Telecom, Uje Rugove, Frutomania and many more.

  1. By partnering with IF you get the opportunity to meet young, smart and enthusiastic people who are eager to work and cooperate with you as partners, employees, or as interns.
  2. Becoming part of our network you get exposed to wider opportunities for cooperation with other organizations and companies through our events and activities. For many years IF has been a meeting point where partners exchange their experiences and help each other achieve their goals.
DOKU.TECH | 5 August, Prizren
Throughout history technological development has aroused hope, fear and everything in between. Hope was sometimes exaggerated, even unjustified. But more often it was fear that was unfounded, based on ignorance and misunderstanding. This summer, DOKUTECH 2017 will once again bring you some of the most curious minds of the tech world to discuss Fear, Hope and Everything in Between.