IPKO Foundation prioritizes working in partnership. Part of our success is realized through our work with dedicated partners. We have had the honor to work with some of the most prestigious institutions, companies and organizations in Kosovo due to our common goal: investment in the technological future of Kosovo!

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Kosovo
Kosovo Foreign Affairs Ministry’s mission is to formulate and implement Kosovo’s foreign policy, protect Kosovo interests vis-à-vis other countries and international organisations.

The MFA of Kosovo has supported IF with projects such as Digital Kosova.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The essential task of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to work for Norway's interests internationally: to safeguard the country's freedom, security and prosperity. It was established on June 7, 1905, the same day the Parliament of Norway decided to dissolve the personal union with Sweden. The Ministry also works to promote peace and security, an international legal system, an economically just world order and sustainable development. Finding a solution to issues of this kind is in Norway’s interests too, while at the same time efforts in these areas are an expression of international solidarity.
US Embassy
The U.S. Government & the U.S. Embassy in Pristina sponsors various exchange program opportunities for Kosovo citizens, including high school students, university students, researchers and professionals.

The US Embassy have supported and sponsored our projects such as DOKU:TECH.
Kosovar Civil Society Foundation - KCSF
An independent, not-for-profit organization focused in supporting local civil initiatives leading to a strong civil society movement that will promote a democratic culture and will be responsive to the socio-economic needs of Kosovo with a strong focus on supporting and contributing to the EU Integration Process.
The Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
DokuFest, International Documentary and Short Film Festival, is the largest film festival in Kosovo. Each year the festival fills the cinemas and improvised screening venues around historic city center of Prizren with a selection of more than 200 hand picked films from around the world.

DokuFest has partnered up with IF on the organization of DOKU:TECH.
Western Balkans Fund - WBF
The mission of the Fund is to promote:
• The development of closer cooperation between the Western Balkans Contracting Parties
• The strengthening of ties between the Western Balkans Contracting Parties
• The integration of the Contracting Parties into the European Union
• Common presentation of the WBF Contracting Parties to the third countries
The objectives of the fund are pursued through financial support of activities in any field which contributes to cross – border and inter – regional cooperation and to the strengthening of regional cohesion. We also celebrate the support of Western Balkans Fund for the implementation of many activities of the 5th edition of DOKU.TECH. The main objective of the joint project is to foster the cooperation among the Balkan region by gathering young innovators and tech minds and bringing together them to DOKU.TECH conference in Prishtina. Through this initiative, we seek to promote and embed non-formal education to at least 45 participants from the region of Albania, Serbia and Macedonia.
GIZ is German organization, but so far operates in more than 130 countries worldwide. Its mission is to offer customised solutions to complex challenges. They provide experienced service and assist the German Government in achieving its objectives in the field of international cooperation.

GIZ have supported and sponsored our projects such as: DOKU.TECH
Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) was founded to support entrepreneurship, innovation and commercially based business development, with a focus on information and communication technology. The centre supports both start-ups and existing companies. ICK creates new jobs through the businesses it supports and train young people for jobs in the broader marketplace. ICK is a hub for connecting new ideas and technology with human and nancial resources to create or expand commercially viable companies that can successfully fill needs in the market, generating sales, trade, local productive capacity and skilled employment.
IPKO Telecommunications LLC is recognized as one of the fastest growing telecommunications companies in Europe, it’s modern enterprise offering full range of integrated services as well as content, in mobile communications, fixed telephony, digital cable television, Internet services as well as media.

IPKO have supported and sponsored our projects such as DOKU:TECH, and the Scholarships.
United Nations Development Programme
The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is the UN's global development network, advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, expertise, and resources to help people build a better life.

UNDP has supported and sponsored our projects such as: DOKUTECH, and Game Over, Corruption
Unicef Innovations Lab
The Innovations Lab Kosovo is an environment where young people all over Kosovo can come together and create positive social change for themselves and their peers. We encourage innovative projects that use the power of social, mobile, and open source technologies, and for projects to address social inclusion, youth development, inter-ethnic cooperation and youth participation in decision making.

The Innovations Lab has partnered up with IF on projects such as: DOKUTECH, and UpShift Gjakova.
Free libre open source software Kosova
FLOSS Kosovo is a non-governmental non-profit organization established in order to support, promote and develop: Free/Libre Software as defined by the Free Software Foundation, Open Source Software as defined by the Open Source Initiative, Open and participatory knowledge as that supported by the Wikimedia Foundation, Education in information technologies through open courses like those from MIT, Standards, culture and open society by using free and open communication as are those supported by the W3C and Creative Commons.

We have worked together with FLOSSK on projects such as Open Datathon.
Share Foundation
Since 2012 when was founded, Share Foundation is a nonprofit organization with the main goal to fight for the public interest in every critical battle affecting digital rights, in the areas of privacy, free speech, government transparency and efficiency, surveillance and human rights.

Share Foundation has supported IF’s projects such as DOKU:TECH.
British Council
The British Council creates international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and builds trust between them worldwide.

We have worked together with the British Council on Digital Diplomacy. Website:
Oda Theatre
The Independent ODA Theatre was founded at the end of the year 2002. Beside its own productions, has had and will have on its stage also guest theatre companies not only from Kosova, but also from Albania, Macedonia and other Balkan countries, Europe and USA. ODA is a regular member of the biggest contemporary theatre network in Europe: Informal European Theatre Meeting – IETM as well as a member of Balkan Express (A Network of theatres in the region of Balkans).

Oda Theatre has helped IF in the organization of our projects such as BarCamps, and Game Over, Corruption.
boldUnderline. llc is a boutique graphic design firm built for clients who recognize the value of good design. They tailor to each client with custom original solutions fit only for a particular instance.

BoldUnderline have helped IF in the design of our website.
Telegrafi is one of the most visited portals in Kosovo, which provides their readers with the most interesting news and curiosities. Telegrafi, as one of Kosovo’s profound media, covers different areas of life like, healthcare, education, economy, sport, technology and lifestyle.

Telegrafi has promoted IF’s project such as DOKU:TECH.
Digjitale is a leading source for news, information & resources for the Connected Generation. Digjitale reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people in Kosovo, Albania and the region.

Digjitale has promoted IF’s projects such as: DOKUTECH, BarCamps, Open Datathon, Wiki Editathon, and Game Over, Corruption.
Crimson Capital
Crimson Capital is an international leader in emerging market development. Providing innovative strategies, building local capacity, connecting people and organizations are only some of their prior goals.

Crimson have helped IF with DOKU:TECH.
Leader of mobile innovation, AppSix is a company which was founded as a result of a small startup business in 2012.

APP SIX have helped IF with DOKU:TECH.
WuuGames is a software studio focused to dream up and build unique games & mobile apps.

WooGames have helped IF with Digital Kosova.
Kosova Live 360
An online portal KOSOVA LIVE 360 is one of the most visited informative websites in the region. This online media provides fresh news about political, economic and social issues of Kosovo and from around the world.

Kosova Live 360 have helped IF with DOKU:TECH.
Kosova Women's Network
Established in 2000, KWN was originally an informal network of women’s groups and organizations from various regions in Kosova. Since its inception, KWN has developed into a network that advocates on behalf of Kosovar women, at the local, regional and international level.
Une e du Kosoven Foundation
The mission of the Foundation is purely humanitarian. Until 2013 “Une e Du Kosovën” has provided monetary assistance and supported more than 150 families through the whole territory of Kosovo.

Une e du Kosoven foundation have helped IF with DOKU:TECH.
Encouraging Young Entrepreneurs is a private company established in March 2012 in Prishtina aiming to stimulate and support young entrepreneurs in Kosovo and Diaspora to build new successful companies. EYE have helped IF with DOKU:TECH.
Salih and Isa Nushi Foundation
Salih and Isa Nushi Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in 2009 with the aim to support the development of education, culture and science in Kosovo. Each year, foundation gives five scholarships to merit students who face financial difficulties. This year’s application period closed 4 October 2013. Initiatives, taken by ordinary citizens who have benefited from economic and education opportunities, such as the IPKO Foundation and Nushi Foundation demonstrate the power of philanthropy to make a difference in people’s lives.
A.U.K. Training and Development Institute is a knowledge driven institution. We are committed to playing an active role in the ongoing reconstruction and transformation of Kosovo, by helping to advance Kosovo society into a competitive society; through professional development of individuals, advancement of learning methods and contents, business support, link of university expertise with business community and certification of skills with international recognized standards.

AUK TDI has supported and sponsored IF’s projects such as: DOKU:TECH, Girls in ICT, Open Datathon, and International Day of the Girl Child.
A.U.K Student Government
The students of A.U.K., establish the Student Government of A.U.K. as a self-governing organization of, and for, the students of A.U.K. The Student Government works to improve the quality of students’ life at A.U.K. and shall serve as the instrument through which the student body may collectively influence decisions about student activities, roles, curriculum, and other interests.
International Business College Mitrovica
The International Business College Mitrovica (IBCM) is an internationally registered not-for-profit educational foundation. It was established by SPARK with donations from SIDA, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, British Embassy Pristina and Swiss Confederation.
STIKK - The Kosovo ICT Association was established in 2008 with the aim of acting as a collective voice of the ICT sector.

We have partnered up on projects such as: The International Day of the Girl Child, and RobotiKS.
Kosovo 2.0
Kosovo 2.0 pulses with voices unfettered and unafraid. Interactive blogs, articles and multimedia bring the untold stories and views of your world and their world.

Kosovo 2.0 have supported IF’s projects such as DOKUTECH.
Jakova Innovation Center
Jakova Innovation Center is a non-profit organization and it's mission is to support and help entrepreneurs build profitable and sustainable companies. Jakova Innovation Center provides business with advisory support, management guidance, educational programs, mentor networks, office space, and other resources.
Kosovo Diaspora (KD) is a crowdsourcing digital engagement and diplomacy platform that connects Kosovars to the world, and the world with Kosovars. KD uses social and online media to highlight and celebrate achievements of individuals, groups, and organizations related to Kosovo.
TEDxPrishtinaWomen is one of the many TEDxWomen events happening around the globe. It is a day-long TED event that aims to showcase the achievements of women who are innovators, great thinkers, and taboo breakers. Its mission is to celebrate and share success stories from women innovators and doers who have positively impacted Kosovo and/or their professional fields, to facilitate debate and discussion on issues important to ordinary Kosovars, and to create a community of young, outspoken citizens able to influence policies and decision making.
Prishtina Hackerspace
Prishtina Hackerspace is a community based co-working open experimentation space established exclusively for technological, educational, cultural and scientific purposes.

We have worked together with Prishtina Hackerspace on projects such as: DOKU:TECH, Open Datathon, Wiki Editathon, and Open Houses.
AdaptivIT Engineering
Adaptivit IT Engineering is experienced software development company providing professional services based on CMMI processes using effective Agile methodology.

We have worked together with AdoptivIT Engineering on projects such as RobotiKS.
UBT - Higher Education Institution
UBT is an established and innovative institution of higher education in Kosovo which combines the advantages of internationally recognized universities.

UBT has supported IF with many projects such as RobotiKS, Open Houses (for Sponsorship and Game Over, Corruption).
jCoders is focused on education. They offer a unique training program for the new generations which allows them to use technology in order to create rather than be pasive users.

jCoders have partnered up with IF on projects such as: International Day of the Girl Child, and DOKU:TECH.
Data Project Electronics with its Technomarket chain of retail is the leading company in Kosovo for distribution and sale of electronic devices.

Technomarket have supported and sponsored IF’s projects such as DOKU:TECH.
Radio Television of Kosovo is the public service broadcaster in Kosovo. It offers two radio stations broadcasting a diverse programming of news and music and four 24-hour television services broadcasting on terrestrial and satellite networks.

RTK has supported IF’s projects such as DOKU:TECH, and Game Over, Corruption.
Gazeta Tribuna
Gazeta Tribuna is a private media outlet.

Gazeta Tribuna has supported IF’s projects such as: DOKU:TECH, Game Over, Corruption, and BarCamps.
Prishtina Municipality
The Municipality of Prishtina has helped IF with projects such as RobotiKS.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Norway
The essential task of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to work for Norway's interests internationally: to safeguard the country's freedom, security and prosperity.

The MFA of Norway has supported IF with projects such as Digital Kosova.
A.U.K (RIT Kosovo)
A.U.K. is Kosovo's only institution of higher education awarding American degrees. A.U.K. offers a Bachelor of Science in Applied Arts and Sciences degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology.
BONEVET is a non-profit community center where people gather to share resources and knowledge, work on projects, network, and build.

We have collaborated with BONEVET in projects such as: Girls and Tech (International Day of the Girl Child 2016), and DOKU:TECH.
Girls Coding Kosova
Girls Coding Kosova mission is to reach out to the community by organizing different activities that will encourage and empower girls to start a lifelong process of developing in them a true love for technology and a self-confidence that comes from understanding the greatest tools of the 21st century.

We have collaborated with Girls Coding Kosova in projects such as: Girls and Tech (International Day of the Girl Child 2016), and Open Datathon.
Green School
We take the responsibility to equip children with knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable them to exercise active citizenry and to engage for sustainable development of the society, by providing a high quality leadership of school and by introducing teaching methodologies based on individual needs and different learning styles. Green School Prishtina has partnered with us by hosting Girls and Tech (International Day of the Girl Child 2016).
Norwegian Embassy in Prishtina
The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Prishtina represents Norway in Kosovo and Albania.

The Norwegian Embassy have supported and sponsored our projects such as: DOKU:TECH and Digital Kosovo.
Enhancing Youth Employment- EYE Project
The project will facilitate the improvement of labor market conditions for young Kosovar women and men.Based on the requirements of the private sector,the project will work with skills development services to provide more adequate training and education which would lead to more job opportunities.

The EYE project has supported and sponsored our projects such as DOKU:TECH.
Suomen suurlähetystö Pristina - Embassy of Finland in Pristina
The Embassy of Finland in Pristina is the official representative of the Government of Finland in Kosovo.

The Finish Embassy has supported and sponsored IF’s projects such as DOKU:TECH.
Birra Peja
Brewery has started construction in 1968, while production has started since 1971. The factory complex includes surface of 24 ha, with its entire infrastructure.

Birra Peja have supported and sponsored our projects such as DOKU:TECH.
KOSOVA ideas
KosovaIdeas is a first crowdfunding platform for social projects in Kosovo. Their mission is to support projects that make Kosovo a better place to live. KOSOVA ideas helps artists, social and green activists to realise their projects in Kosovo. KOSOVA ideas is the first crowdfunding platform 100% committed to projects in all fields of art & culture, civic engagement and sustainability realized in and for Kosovo.
Frutomania/MOEA LLC
The makers of the purely natural juices, freshly squeezed fruit that actually grow on trees. 100% love and 0% concentrate. Made from the sunny fields of Kravaricë, Gjilan - Kosova.

Frutomania has supported and sponsored IF’s projects such as DOKU:TECH.
Ujë Rugove
Rugove Corporation (Rugove sh.p.k. and Ujë Rugove) is a domestic manufacturer of water and packaged cheese. With an exponential growth of market percentage and income throughout an eight-year period, Rugove is positioned as the uncontested leader in the bottled water market in Kosovo.

Uje Rugove has supported and sponsored IF’s projects such as DOKU:TECH.