Jury member

Many of our projects are competitions that reward the best and most hardworking participants. These are evaluated by external experts of the respective fields and as such we ensure that the evaluation is transparent and objective. For our past jury members such an experience was outstanding being that they were able to closely see and analyze the deliverables of our innovative projects and also meet people with similar interest and strong backgrounds. If you would like to be part of this experience,  sign-up here.

DOKU.TECH | 5 August, Prizren
Throughout history technological development has aroused hope, fear and everything in between. Hope was sometimes exaggerated, even unjustified. But more often it was fear that was unfounded, based on ignorance and misunderstanding. This summer, DOKUTECH 2017 will once again bring you some of the most curious minds of the tech world to discuss Fear, Hope and Everything in Between.