Get involved

The nature of IPKO Foundation programs and projects requires involvement of people in different roles. It was due to our mentors, speakers, judges and volunteers that our projects resulted as a success. IPKO Foundation has implemented many projects that use technology to reach specific goals and these projects have required individuals coming from different communities and backgrounds such as web and app development, content experts, wikipedians, diplomats and many others.

Next Generation Scholarship, Wiki Academy Kosovo and other projects that mark our future goals and objectives are large scope projects and we will need mentors and speakers to help in the advancement of our participants; judges to evaluate the work of young geeks; and also volunteers to assist IF team in organization endeavors.

Each one of these gives a ticket to be part of innovative experiences and amazing crews. If you can see yourself fitting in one of these roles, tell us and we will be happy to make you part of our big community.

Learn more about our projects and programs here.