Supported Events

The tech and innovation scene in Kosovo is vibrant. Every day new events are popping up. IPKO Foundation supports events where a new generation of leaders with a digital vision can make connections, share their experiences and develop solutions to Kosovo’s most pressing challenges. We dedicate not only our financial assets but also encourage the participation of IPKO scholars and staff in all the events we sponsor. Since 2009 IPKO Foundation has provided over 32,617.54 EUR in sponsorship funds.

Kosovo 2.0
IPKO Foundation as supporter of the Independent media channels and modern reporting, has contributed some funds for Kosovo 2.0 which is one of the alternative media channels here in Kosovo. Kosovo 2.0 has been involved during DOKU:TECH 2015 where it has reported the main activities of the conference through several blogs. Kosovo 2.0 is an independent media that engages society in insightful debate through its multimedia website, print magazine, and events. Kosovo 2.0 aims at becoming the center for independent cultural, political, and social commentary in Kosovo, the region, and beyond.
FIT seeks to improve the current situation by offering trainings and certifications at the A.U.K.-Training and Development institute. The project will cover training, certification, soft-skill Development and ICT Internship placement for up to 50 participants from this marginalized group. The aim of the program is to change the social paradigm by inspiring and creating role models of ICT Women already engaged in the ICT industry. IPKO Foundation is proud to have supported Female in Technology (FIT) project, because we strongly believe that technology has no gender and this program is important to inspire and empower woman in ICT field.
Action for Mothers and Children
During 2015, IPKO Foundation supported Action for Mothers and Children by partaking in the event that brought people together to help mothers and children. Hence, due to IF’s and other organizations’ contributions, the event raised an astounding €23,890 in total, which will be used to improve the health of the mothers and children in need, in Kosovo.
IPKO Foundation has supported Anibar International Animation Festival in Peja, Kosovo, during the summer of 2015 by providing it with human resources. This festival was organized for the 6th year and has established a reputation for enabling an inherent cultural environment, in which both local and international animation films intertwine. This is aided by the interactive approach that the festival promotes through various activities and events.
IPKO Foundation has supported CiviKos platform by contributing in the implementation of the "Government Strategy for Cooperation with Civil Society” and creating a matrix for monitoring its implementation. This contribution has enabled a better structuring of the information online and establish a better cooperation in between the civil society and the government.
Scholarships for BONEVET Courses
Apart from its remarkable engagement in social-tech projects, IPKO Foundation continued to support students who show their ability of becoming part of the next generation of young leaders with a digital vision for Kosovo. IPKO Foundation offered 11 scholarships to 11 young girls who attended classes in two courses offered in BONEVET. As part of these courses’ curriculum, these girls learned ways of building circuits, on the intensity of light, direction of movements, signal transmission, incoming and outgoing signals, free-conductor signal, building models, as well as on building projects through different means. Apart from this, the other course offered these young girls a chance to learn more on sensors, resistors, LED lights, transistors, diodes, circuits, connecting the device to the program, as well as various projects and tasks associated with the aforementioned subjects.
TEDWomen 2015 was a TED event that focused on women and women’s issues. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. TEDxWomen events are local events on the same day as TEDWomen. TEDxPrishtinaWomen aimed to showcase the achievements of women who are innovators, great thinkers, and taboo breakers. On this year’s event, speakers gave talks on a diverse range of topics on the theme of ‘Momentum,’ while sharing their ideas, experiences, and knowledge. The event was held on May 28, 2015 in Prishtina, Kosovo. IPKO Foundation offered its support to TEDxPrishtinaWomen in an effort to positively influence the society we live in, as well as we believe that the community needs to be inspired through interesting stories which promote change.
Prishtina Hackerspace
Prishtina Hackerspace is a co-working open experimentation space established exclusively for educational, cultural and scientific purposes .The aim of the space is to provide workspace, equipment and other resources for communal use by all members, encourage continued and after-school learning through workshops, classes, seminars and mentoring by creating an open environment for experimentation. IPKO Foundation supported the project with 6 month office space for the initial phase of the project and accounting aid for the non-profit (FLOSSK) behind it.
Young Coders project is a project commenced by the Association for Information and Communication (STIKK) with the aim of developing knowledge and skills in ICT to children regarding programming languages. Children and supervisors were identified to work along together in April when the project was initially launched. After four months of training, the very same children participated an international competition “Festival of Code” where they were divided into groups and their task was to develop three different ideas. Later on those ideas were filmed and sent to the English jury as video footage in Plymouth, UK. IPKO Foundation supported these young leaders in accomplishing their goal and successfully participating in the competition.
Childrens Technology Fair and Roboti Ks
BEP is a project founded by USAID in partnership with the Government of Kosovo. Its objective is to boost the capability of primary schools in Kosovo in providing relevant skills for its students. BEP is an advocate of the educational reforms which aim to reach educational excellence through equipping the youth with the skills they need to succeed in a global economy. Basic Education Program will be completed in 2015. IPKO Foundation supported Childrens Technology Fair and Roboti Ks, initiatives organized by BEP.
FSI Nushi
FSI NUSHI’s mission is to support underprivileged youngsters of Kosovar society in their education. It strongly intends to increase the consciousness in enhancing the level of education, science and culture in the municipality of Mitrovica and beyond. The Foundation distributes scholarships for students of upper level education or for students who conduct scientific research who face social-economic difficulties. The grant which was given by IPKO Foundation enables FSI NUSHI to cover two scholarships.
Kosovo Women Network
KWN is a civil society network that supports Kosovar women, at the local, regional and international level. The network consists of 88 members, encompassing women’s organization of all ethnics groups in Kosovo and it represents their interests. KWN is focused in five specific scopes: Building the capacity of KWN, Women in politics and decision-making, Women’s health, Domestic violence and trafficking and Women’s economic empowerment. IPKO Foundation donated 5000 EUR for KWN, aiming to contribute towards the empowerment of young women in Kosovo and to help foster their education.
Urban Festival
SURF is a culture and events management group in Kosovo. The team behind SURF consists of some of Kosovo’s foremost young artists, curators, and publicists. The ideology of Summer Urban Festival is simple: they aim to enable “cultural and social surfing” for young Kosovars, namely enabling them to engage in free flow of ideas, information and social debate, also bringing to Kosovo common European culture, music and new media references as supporting platforms for progressive social agenda. IPKO Foundation provided funds to support the 2011 SURF events.
Ipko Foundation was one of the main sponsors to support the second European Robot Soccer Competition held in Prishtina in May 2011 organized by the University for Business and Technology (UBT). The 2011 edition of European Robot Soccer Competition gathered in Prishtina some of the best known European teams in the field of robotic football.
Startup Vienna
Organized by STARTeurope, Start Up Vienna 2011 was a regional event where a group of young entrepreneurs, winners of Prishtina Startup Weekend, participated. Ipko Foundation sponsored this prize to The Pitchers team that consisted of Endrit Pllashniku, Drilon Potera, Vigan Kada, and Lum Çitaku, enabling them to take part in one of the most important component of the European startup community. STARTeurope has built up a wide network of entrepreneurs, investors, experts and numerous impressive people through organizing various events regarding the entrepreneurship in Europe. Their common belief is universal — entrepreneurs are uniquely driven to sail to new waters and navigate the unexpected, while risking everything. Their mission is to enhance and engage entrepreneurs throughout Europe by offering them a highly supportive community while guiding them to utilize existing infrastructure and resources more effectively.
Charity Ball organized by Amcham Kosovo
Held on Saturday, the 10th of December 2011 the Charity Ball reached its goal by raising thousands of Euros to support different issues. Organized by AmCham, the event raised funds for a variety of causes, including a donation of the equipment for leukemia testing, the Flowcytometer, donated to the organization; Help Children with Cancer, and support to the American University in Kosovo Scholarships Fund. By helping many talented young individuals, this event directly contributed to economic prosperity and the future generations of Kosovo. IPKO Foundation was also among top donors in this event.
Kosovo Innovation Camp
Organized for the first time in Prishtina, Kosovo Innovation Camp was 48 hour event that took place over a single weekend. Supported by IPKO Foundation, it started on 11 May and ended on 13 May 2012.The Kosovo Innovation Camp drew on the global experiences of Social Innovation Camp to create an event tailored for the local population and context. The top three winning teams were sponsored for a 6 month period following the camp to further develop their prototype into a viable market product.
TED-x Prishtina
In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED created a program called TEDx. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. TEDxPrishtina is part of this wide community, where x stands for independently organized TED event. At TEDxPrishtina event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combined to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. The TED Conference provided general guidance for the TEDx program and the second edition held on May 2012 was supported by IPKO Foundation.
Software Freedom Kosovo Conference 2011 was the third annual conference promoting Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSSK) held in Prishtina on November 12th. IPKO Foundation found it important to support this conference since it gathered professionals, academicians and enthusiasts who shared the vision that software should be free and open for the community to develop and customize to its needs, including commercial ones, and that knowledge is a communal property, free and open to everyone. FLOSS Kosovo has succeeded in making the conference an annual event, which gathers a regional audience for lectures and presentations given by a variety of international and national professionals and academicians who present the latest developments in the global FLOSS community. IPKO Foundation also sponsored the fourth conference of FLOSS that was held during September 2012.
KOS-ICT Conference
Organized by STIKK (Kosovo Association of Information and Communications Technology) and supported in part by IPKO Foundation, KosICT is a Regional Conference which covers the global trending topics of ICT by gathering international, regional and local speakers.
REDO Design Conference
REDO Design Conference is a one-day event in Prishtina, gathering the active professionals of graphic design and sharing a day full of inspiring talks. Its mission is to raise the standards of the graphic design industry in Kosovo. It aims to bring the designers together and institutionalize the community, engage in intellectually stimulating talks, and thus be able to leave inspired to take on great projects and advance the design industry in Kosovo. IPKO Foundation sponsored two of REDO Design Conferences: the one organized on 17th September 2011 and the other one organized on 20 October 2012.
Prishtina Start Up Weekend I & II & III
Startup Weekends are weekend-long, hands-on experiences where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can find out if their startup ideas are viable. On average, half of Startup Weekend’s attendees have technical or design backgrounds, the other half have business backgrounds. Prishtina Startup Weekend is an innovative event that advances the promotion of entrepreneurship in the ICT-sector. It is part of a global network of Startup Weekends that take place in hundreds cities and about 100 countries around the world. This event initiators of Startup Prishtina are Çelik Nimani, Engineer/Manager at Innovation Centre Kosovo, Kushtrim Xhakli, Co-Founder of, also Ipko Foundation board member, and Kosovare Krasniqi. IPKO Foundation has sponsored three Start Up Weekends in Prishtina: the first one was organized during 2-3 December 2011; The second one was organized during 25-27 May 2012, and the third one was organized during 10-12 November 2012.
Amcham Gala Dinner
During December 2012 the American Chamber of Commerce organized the Annual Charity Gala Dinner, their annual event, with the purpose of collecting funds for charity. This year's main purpose was to raise funds for Down Syndrome Kosova, a local organization which represents people with Down syndrome. Funds raised for charity during the AmCham’s annual dinner exceed the amount of 32,000 Euros. IPKO Foundation was one of the top donors of this event
Httpool Prishina
Httpool is an international cross-channel advertising network headquartered in Vienna. Established in 2000, now Httpool employs over 130 digital marketing professionals across 18 offices in Central and Eastern Europe and Asia and focuses on emerging markets. It offers the broadest range of online and mobile advertising solutions, has extensive international experience and reach and supports some of the leading global publishers and agencies.
PASS SQLSaturday
PASS SQLSaturday, owned by the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS), are free 1-day training events for SQL Server professionals. PASS SQLSaturday has a special focus on local speakers, providing a variety of high-quality technical sessions, and making it all happen through the efforts of volunteers. SQL Saturday program provides the tools and knowledge needed for groups and event leaders to organize and host a free day of training for SQL Server professionals. SQLSaturday aims to: Encourage increased membership for the local user group; Provide local SQL Server professionals with excellent training and networking opportunities; Help develop, grow, and encourage new speakers.
Junior Oscars
Anibar has always been focused in increasing the interest and encouraging young people and young artists to experiment and work with computer arts, especially animation. Anibar and IPKO Foundation wanted to achieve the stimulation of as many young students to participate in the process of making a motion picture. All the students worked in groups and were from classes 1-9 which means this was an activity that introduced them to the process of making a film.
FS&I Nushi
The Salih & Isa Nushi Foundation aims at helping the academic expenses for students in need, and as such, they have successfully aided three students in the past year with their educational journey. These beneficiaries are carefully picked, and promise potential for great results!
The Prosperity Initiative Kosovo has organized UPSHIFT, which empowers youth to transform their social impact ideas into actionable projects, providing young leaders with first-hand experience in developing and implementing projects, programmes, and social ventures.
Robo Camp
Intertwining nature and technology, Robo Camp organized by TOKA enabled participants to learn about coding in a hands-on approach! Through the Sponsorship Program, two young curious souls were able to participate in the camp and create magical memories!
Pun’ Pun’
Pun’ Pun’ is a reality show which aims to take advantage of its format in order to convey adequate information about the labor market, labor and employment practices, as well as for employers as the main actors through the whole process of employment, breaking taboos and questioning the rules.
Shkolla Digjitale
Has successfully helped 12 children from the from SOS village Kosovo register for Shkolla Digjitale in order to give them the possibility of learning IT and Programming skills through a duration of 10 months!
Autizmi helps and treats children with autism, and through the Sponsorship Program they have been able to purchase tablets that have aided in treating and assisting over 30 children with autism in further discovering and developing their skills.
Software Freedom Kosova Conference 2016
Software Freedom Kosova is an annual international conference held in Prishtina organized to promote free/libre open source software, free culture and open knowledge, and the 7th found support through our Sponsorship Program!
The Digical Show
Formon, represented by Drin Hadri, were invited to England by Imark - one of the biggest 3D Printer Retail stores in the world - to present their product and launch Formon Core in England. With the help of the Sponsorship Program, and a lot of motivation from the Formon team, they were able make their goals real!
Zana Kurtishi-Rudi
Use ICT and educate
Through the "Lets Learn from Movies" project, the Primary School "Mustafa Bakija" was able to develop editing schools, software development skills, and electronic planing by creating movies with real life stories through Laptops, digital cameras and professional software! With this project and through team-work, youngsters were able to learn about creating a real movie.
Action for Mothers and Children
Pregnancy and baby tracker mobile APP
Aiming to help pregnant mothers in their native language, Action for Mothers and Children have applied for help through the Sponsorship Program seeking to upgrade the mobile APP functionality, add new features and harmonize with the online platform!
Ri-RILINDJA is a project by FLOSSK, aiming to start a new wave of digitalization of Albanian publications thorugh the production of do-it-yourself book scanners and community engagement.