Winners 2015-2016

Rinor Maloku
Because of the commodities and professional advantage technology offers the most successful person in the future will be the one who quickly learns and adapts to changes. One that uses the advantages offered by technology as soon as it is released, by doing so he takes leaps over the competition, but in order to stay ahead he has to be ready and awaiting the upcoming changes.
Ylli Salihu
Technology and nature will no longer be separate and it won’t be seen as a threat to the latter. Technology is the next level of evolution and it is a product of the human, therefore, it is natural. Needlessly to mention, nature has inspired big technological discoveries that we rely upon and the next generations will have specialized knowledge on human functions such as psychological, physical and cognitive. Based on the amount of information and findings the quality of life will have greatly improved.
Edison Rama
Let us imagine a better scenario shall we? What if the whole world could be in use of autonomous cars, and not a single person would be needed to drive people from one destination to the other? What if these reports generate a zero number of deaths and injuries every year just because the technology took over and found a better solution for a better life? Sounds perfect, right? I know that technology is evolving rapidly and someday this eventually is going to be a successful project, and fully autonomous cars will be used for transportation all around the world, it is only a matter of time.
Era Kuraja
In all likelihood, most of what we know and use now will be fading away over time, being replaced with improved versions. I strongly believe that people living in a world 50 years from now, will all be required to have a pretty fair knowledge in technology, because it will most definitely be a dominant factor in both the present and the future. At this very moment, most of the things and processes that are surrounding us are being digitalized, let alone the decades-away future. The ideas of what it’s like to live in a world with no technology will slowly fade away, and people will get used to technology taking over everything.
Erin Godanci
Gamifying classroom could break down complex subject tasks, guiding students through a series of small steps for example learning a chemistry lesson or a biology lesson or even solving math problems. Gamifying classroom throughout educational video games could make students more attentive to the subject being taught in class making them understand and think rather than memorize the lessons. This could create interactive environment designed to engage players at various cognitive aspects necessary for effective learning and to engage the students emotionally making them highly attentive toward the subject.
Fjoralba Krapi
One of the most important aftereffects of a technological apocalypse would be the reaction of humankind. Loss of data, loss of access and loss of possibilities would turn this reaction into chaos. All the memories we have selfishly saved on our technological gadgets would be gone, and the only saving gadget available would be our brain.
Gresa Berisha
From my point of view, even technical expertise will no longer be the sole province of the IT department. Employees throughout the organization will understand how to use technology to do their jobs. Skills as analyzing data will be essential to work with business and know what data and where to get it. Mastering robotics will be crucial as well, keeping in mind how robots will have taken over more jobs.
Ardi Jusufi
An observation that is omnipresent in the field of Computer Science, which is commonly known as Moore’s law, states that the number of transistors in integrated circuits has a tendency to double every two years. This statement best summarizes my take on the development of technology in general: the advances in technology have had–and will continue to have–an immense momentum that may actually double its intensity in as short as two years’ time.
Diedon Xhixha
The difference between today’s technological development and the development achieved at the time of our future grandchildren will be a much greater contrast than the one between today’s development and the one our grandparents experienced. At the time in which our grandchildren will live everything will be digitized. They will live in the era where travelling from Kosovo to America will be a matter of minutes, unlike today (15-17 hours by plane). A time when most of the work will be carried out online from home by not having to travel kilometers, when voyages to space will not be impossible mission as it is for us.
Valon Xhafa
Today our society is facing a critical energy choice and developmental that will affect the supply of available energy to meet basic needs, and to ensure the growth of the economy. These choices will also affect the health of the population, will determine the potential of creating jobs in the energy sector, and will affect the broader regional role that our country can play in the European Community and the European Union.
Vesa Obertinca
The old generation took pride in putting a man on the moon, but they have many difficulties with smaller technologies like smartphones. And it’s not that they fail to understand the new technology, but because they haven't grasped the importance of tech. They much rather do things by hand than to utilize the power of gadgets. The new generation today has much wider knowledge due to greater exposure to a wide range of information through TV and Internet. However, they lack depth in their knowledge and understanding. Also, the younger generation is more technology savvy because being young, they learn to use new technology faster.
Violeta Islami
The dream of every technology enthusiast is to one day produce or develop something on his/her own. Most of the cases as a result of lack of funds, resources or/and knowledge said ideas remain just dreams. Personally, the technology related area I would invest would be the field of wearable technologies. The reason behind this desire is the universal application and the fact that comparing to technology in general, it is still in its early stages and thus it makes it even more exiting.
Rrezarta Hajdaj
University of Peja
All in all, having in mind the technology that we have available and the trend of its development, making this project possible would not be complicated. By implementing this system would benefit the whole Kosovo education system. It would be a great opportunity for students and professors who usually need to take a long road in order to attend their lectures in time. Furthermore, knowing the financial situation of most of the students in Kosovo, the implementation of this project will help a lot in saving their money. In addition, this would be really helpful for professors as well. It will save their time since we know most of the professors travel a lot and they usually have more than one job.
Elvis Blakaj
For me as a ‘futurist’ and a logical thinker, a technological apocalypse is honestly unthinkable, not because I don’t think it can happen (nuclear warfare, is possible at least, an asteroid, global environmental catastrophe etc), but because the idea of ‘humanity’ (civilization) is based on technology and if we are to eliminate that variable, our lives, our self’s, who we are as a species, will be compromised and would be unrecognizable and by that extent not really palpable to us as a ‘touchable’ reality, that in my opinion is why we cannot seem to understand this problem as a species and work to make it ‘less possible’.