Winners 2014-2015

Partin Imeri
I saw it as a requirement for my city to have a news portal as a source of information for citizens as well as for those who live outside of Ferizaj, knowing that they are not in a small number (over thousandsthey are in middle-east) I wanted to offer them fast information. This was the main reason I started to think to open a media information portal, and I used my professional knowledge and opportunities that the Internet offers for realizing this project.
Arlind Luma
Life is becoming more unhappy and difficult, because people are trying to live just the vertical part of it, ignoring horizontal part. Vertical means: success, money and power; horizontal means: love, knowledge and honor. Living vertically it's like working all the time, and trying to be successful without knowledge. Living in horizontal part is the easiest way because if you have knowledge, you love people, you are honorable, the vertical part will come. Also if you have the horizontal part, you will be able to help others and to share your knowledge!
Atdhe Mahmuti
I decided to make a mobile app for tourist that they can use it even if there is no internet connection I had the chances to visit many places of my country that I didn’t know ever existed, it was a beautiful experience taking photos of places, historical landmarks, rivers, old towers, waterfalls, caves, hiking etc.I felt as a tourist in my country, and I believe that a large part of Kosovars will feel the same way. In the application there will be an intro about Kosovo, geographical details, about our history, population, culture, economy. Information about safety, general rules, health care, emergencies, wild life and much more.
Blerina Berisha
When I think of technological products that will have a great impact in the next 10 years, the first things that come to my mind are solar cell technology and hydrogen boilers. The solar cell is really just a device that harvests the light energy through quantum dots of high efficiency and converts that energy to electricity, while the hydrogen boiler is a type of boiler which burns hydrogen fuel of zero emission. As an avid fan of ecology and efficient technology, I think that the utilization of these two technologies is going to be one of the most valuable things 10 years from now.
Vlonjat Gashi
In these past years we have seen countless innovations being done in many fields. Wearable technology, Nano technology, renewing body parts with organs made from stem cells in laboratory, artificial intelligence & robotics, augmented reality, 3D printing and many others. I believe that knowledge will always push humanity forward. And sharing that knowledge with each other will multiply our achievements much further.
Mrika Karaqi
Over the last years, technology has been rapidly changing and expanding in every field imaginable. It has led to a far better, easier and very comfortable life for the people. The technology that exists today it also shapes the way that we think about the possibilities of tomorrow might be. And this is exactly what struck my curiosity about the further development of technology and the things that will have a huge impact in our lives in the near future.
Dardana Perteshoni
We are the witness that many doctors, trainers, fitness instructors and nutritionists started to use social media in order to be closer with people, by giving them recipes and diets through this form of communication and they achieved to have influence on them, exactly in this way: by using digital tools and technology as a fundamental part of their work. Thus, taking into account the dynamic of advancement of technology, seeing also the interest of the people to look fit and to feel good, I think in this direction will be the focus and effort to move on.
Anda Riza
One of the courses I study is called Green Energy and Technology and is linked with benefits of renewable energy, and its methods, in which technology plays a huge role. Based on my study field, I am very interested on the future of alternative energy, especially in my country. Most of the developed countries have managed to quit coal in high percentages, and there are even places when coal is not used at all, such as Ontario Canada. So it can be done. There are many opportunities of creating alternative energy, some of them being solar panels, wind turbines, hydropower, geothermal, biomass, and nuclear power.
Atdhe Lila
As we all know education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world, and we do want to change it, don’t we? Knowing this we must concentrate all of our strengths, energy and knowledge in educating our younger generations. Having that in mind I have come up with an idea how we can achieve this in a much easier and much more simply way and of course the answer is technology. I strongly believe this will be very important and have a great impact not only in Kosovo but also beyond Kosovo.
Daors Sahatçiu
Technology trends, ideas, and products are part of the society, as people see them as a means of improvement, but also identification. The following years will probably provide us with interesting innovations as technology constantly moves forward. One idea that I see as largely futuristic and also thrilling is nanotechnology. Nanotechnology refers to microscopic matter that is on ultra-small scale, which is currently going under several research projects. The reason why I feel that nanotechnology will prove to be a valuable technology trend is the fact that it includes several fields of study in its implementation.
Adriana Sejfia
Technology trends have always interested me, considering that I chose as my major Information Technology. Looking at these trends, I see one common property. The developments in technology are mostly focused in facilitating human communication and breaking boundaries. Unfortunately, although there have been attempts to resolve more immediate and pressing problems that we face today such as Ozone Hole or global warming, I have seen less progress in these areas. However, with the current competitive market in information technology, I believe that a trend in this area will be able to make a huge impact and also spread to a considerable number of people, since it would be probably in a relatively low price.
Berna Visoka
Love towards art is explained by the effect that a single photograph may represent to a student who is holding his or her best yet memory. A photograph is a list of layers in Photoshop, a status ‘feeling happy’ on Facebook, a reference page in a paper, a thesis, a CV, a job position, a Facebook profile or else sometimes is everything. Many of the afore-mentioned situations are being built through the assistance of a single photograph. Each photograph is again a memory not always the best one but it is still a memory, worth remembering. The best moments as a freshman to me, were photographing the class of 2012 as for the graduation ceremony and for the yearbook. This yearbook turned out to be the best yearbook that was ever designed at AUK.
Lyra Beqiri
Living in a fast-changing environment we witness different innovations and trends presented to the market on a daily basis, ideas that promise a lot for the future and are expected to change our lives forever. One of these trends that I personally find very promising and challenging at the same time is 3D Printing. I stumbled upon the 3D Printing concept a while ago on a newspaper article, and even though I was not quite familiar with it I found the idea of having the possibility to bring to life every object that we could imagine quite appealing.
Anila Qehaja
Conclusively, cloud computing allows companies to set up virtual offices, empowering their employees with the option of working anytime, anywhere. Having in consideration the costs associated with traditional desktops and their software, licensing fees, data storage, and management, cloud computing would be an extremely cost efficient method to maintain, utilize, and upgrade. Cloud computing can be tremendously beneficial to Kosovo and other countries, by reducing the investment costs in information and communication infrastructure.
Suada Djukaj
The real click of technology in ten years from now will be 3D printing. 3D printing is a process of making a three-dimensional solid object of virtually any shape from a digital model. It is connected to a computer, and all the work is done on the screen of your computer. You draw the design on a computer screen, give shapes of any model, for example a plan of a building that will be build in a future, a model of ear rings, music instruments, shoes, house furniture... so basically everyone will benefit from 3D printing. The most benefit of 3D printing will have doctors. Science.
Genc Blakqori
Given the advantages, seeing the hundreds of parts can be replaced in a device which can be held in pockets and can even have much better performances I decided to create a group for creating application guitar box. An application which can be used as a replacement of all the things I mentioned above and play music directly from the library of songs on the phone and have the part for learning and education on how to play the guitar. Now we are a group of five students who are working on G-Box and application is in the construction phase, We hope to launch it very soon.
Qëndrim Uka
It is all about my dream that has called from others impossible but comes possible by my effort. I am somebody who know how to implement the quote that says “never say never”. I was in the last year of high school in Vushtrri and I always was a guy who loves science subjects, and every time I thought how to make experiments in a practice way because. The way that we were learning was only theoretical way and as a proverb says “the things that you see are the things that you will never forget” so the practice way of experiments is necessary for a genuine education.
Kaltrina Sylaj
New financial products such are crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending should also be discussed about, given that the global trends attest to the increasing importance of these new products. In addition, for young entrepreneurs concepts such are angel investing and venture capitalists could represent a much suitable form of financing their business endeavors rather than relying on classical borrowing from traditional banks.
Nitë Pallaska
As I have work experience in banks and microfinance institutions such as FINCA doing research and analysis about the current market, I have noticed a recent trend popping up: Eco-friendly loans. Even Kosova has started to adapt to the world market in regards to global warming not being a joke anymore. What this means, essentially, is that eco-friendly is the future. Everything that seems more important than the environment is not once you come to face the fact that if we do not do something soon, we will not even have a future. That is why all the major multi-billion-dollar companies are putting emphasis on being as green as possible.
Abetare Qarri
Considering the economic situation in Kosovo, I think any innovative idea that cuts the everyday expenses of Kosovo citizens is more than welcomed. Therefore I see the solar power and/or batteries use as most valuable things that would help us have and save energy, especially after the bad experience we've had with the power cuts. This would also mean expenses cut for our citizens.
Fjolla Hasani
In my opinion the next trend would probably be 3D Printers. Who wouldn't want to see something in the Internet and not having to order it online but rather print it. This technology became popular in the states in 2011 and now the printers are available to buy. When I first heard about it I was fascinated. Imagine seeing something you like and instead of ordering online , printing it in your own 3D printer. Just the thought not having to worry about the security of buying things we like or need online is alleviating.