Winners 2013-2014

Donik Karaqi
Kolegji AAB
I was working as a graphic designer in one company, and I had two passions: the design and the patriotism. This was a perfect mixture for me to start building a clothing brand with Albanian national symbols. I've had a clear vision that I wanted to create a clothing brand with maximum quality and innovative idea. I've decided to name my company FolkanSHQIP.
Herolinda Zenuni
One of my greatest experiences this year has been participating in the Wiki Academy Kosovo article contest. Although I was initially unsure whether or not I should apply, by the end of the event I was more than glad I had done so. Half way through the Academy, I realized that it was more than just a simple contest with winners and prizes. It was not a contest like all others where each contestant would put forth their greatest efforts in hope of earning a reward. Rather, it was a life-changing event that would give us a valuable experience to carry out into the future and share with others.
Endrit Kadriu
Cultural Heritage, classic and contemporary, contributes to the identity and branding of territory, so relevant in an age of globalization and fierce competition. This identity constitutes the base for sustainable and endogenous development. Moreover, I believed it is necessary to improve awareness of our history and cultural heritage to help communities to better understand and conserve their heritage.
Fjolla Kondirolli
No matter what your interests and passions are, social media plays an important role in raising awareness and mobilizing people who think the same as you. Simple websites such as facebook and twitter helped our group to successfully implement our project and have more than 50 people being involved in discussing an important topic such as women’s position in economy in the Balkans. Through such projects we do not only try to solve important issues such as women’s rights in our countries but we also connect with each other like never before. By being a part of this project we learned that Balkan countries, despite the differences, we share the same issues and problems and working together is better than isolating ourselves from each other.
Kushtrim Avdiu
Most of the concepts that surround us are by nature ineffable. To explain the indescribable I use statistics. For me statistics represents the language of understanding the enormous amount of data that are available in this flat world. Statistics can be used as a tool to understand the world around us and make better decisions in three ways: by describing, comparing, and relating the data into meaningful models and designed experiments. Stats is important because it revolutionized decision making in the business world. Today through the use of statistical methods like control limits and control charts we can increase the quality of the processes by removing defects or reducing variability.
Lorëz Qehaja
There is no greater satisfaction than being able to help someone else. In today’s world the possibility to help people and make the others feel better has increased if compared with previous years. No doubt that technological progress has had the biggest impact on these developments. Heretofore in order to be organized people should had communicated for months and years, whereas today, social media such as Facebook and Twitter have ease and facilitated the organization and mobilization of people for different events.
Adea Kelmendi
One of the most interesting activities that I was part of was TEDx Prishtina 2011. This was the first time this event was taking place in Kosovo, specifically in Prishtina, and I was very eager to know if it was going to be a success or not. TEDx Prishtina, was a new experience that I was exploring and was very beneficial to me. Before TEDx Prishtina, I had listened to many TED talks of other people in internet, since I did not had the opportunity to attend any TED show, until it was organized in Prishtina. In the beginning I had low expectations about TEDxPrishtina, since I feared that there would be only few people involved and able to participate.
Anisa Bina
Technology has changed the world and revolutionized every part of life. In this regard, I believe that one of the most important advantages that technology has enabled is sharing information. In today’s world, the amount of information we are able to obtain is endless. This not only benefits people individually, but also a country as a whole. As one of the youngest countries in the world, Kosovo needs to be promoted in order to attract attention, visitors, foreign investment, and as such develop economically and achieve a prosperous future.
Edonit Rexhepi
Our idea was to build an application which will have a list of points of interest in Kosovo, the list would auto arrange based on your location to those points of interest. For example if you are near Police station and walk towards our application would show the distance to that object and other object near you. And you could configure to notify you when you approach a point of interest like a shop mall and so on. It was intended for Kosovo citizens and tourists. And the best thing about it? It would be totally offline.
Arsim Zeka
If I had a 20,000 euro I would prepare the project of investing to the young people in IT education, because now lot of companies are running their companies with IT technology (PC, Servers, Internet network, etc.). They will be prepared for working trade and this project will contribute to decrease unemployment to our country which is in very high figures.
Afrim Bajraktari
I am fond of technology. I am having great success with my studying because I love what I do. I have many unique ideas about technology-aided projects which will be used to better the lives of human beings. I am interested in and deeply motivated in the working on and developing innovative projects for serving the people of my country and others throughout the world.
Arlind Aliu
Tech –Group is a small group of computer science students that discuss for the news on technology and one thing that we think is very important in computer science: relationship between math and news in technology. Lots of computer science students discus why we learn so much math in this university and where are we going to apply all of it. And we have found articles about this question on the internet and books and discus them every week. We discuss things like what is importance of math for developing Games, importance of math in using contemporary Technology, how does the 3D tv works and other stuff.
Vesarta Haxhaj
Kosovo has a large number of young people with unexplored potential and there is an opportunity to trigger their creativity in the field of technology development. Currently, the education system in Kosovo is not offering a lot of opportunities for youngsters to develop their skills in the field of technology. There is lack of equipment in schools and initiatives by schools to engage students in practical activities. The activities such as the Startup Weekend and later on the AppCamp encouraged young people to apply with their ideas who were also awarded for their work. I believe that more similar activities should be organized. Therefore I do suggest organizing a national competition where young people from Kosovo could apply with their ideas.
Lira Ramadani
Nowadays, we are living in the world of technology, where websites and applications have rapidly taken a significant place in the media world. Witnessing the growth and development of these two, I was eager and encouraged to apply to Prishtina Startup Weekend, even though my field of study is not related with programming or design or anything like that.
Besim Morina
A project which can place talented student which will accomplish significant IT goals for you, such as building useful software with advanced technology. The second activity would involve a training course for young managers, project managers and team leaders. The course would mainly teach information technology projects management. The participants would learn to maintain control of projects, expertly use PM software tools. Furthermore, they would be able to optimize IT development so that they can bring every information technology project online more effectively
Muhamed Retkoceri
Not everyone in Kosovo has had the chance to have a computer with internet access and to explore the world of the internet, or to attend computing courses and get deeper into this field. If I had that amount of money to spend on a project, I would choose some high schools in rural areas of Kosovo, which have poor supply with computers and teachers, and as a starting point I would organize some lectures from professionals to give them awareness on the importance of computing and the possibility of studying it in the capital city.
Arif Hoti
From the beginning, I was amazed (and continue to be) of an online encyclopedia that every person has access to - FOR FREE. After seeing that there were so few articles in my native language and that none of the people I knew had an Albanian encyclopedia at home, I realized that I had to start writing articles on Wikipedia. Even though I personally was not affected by the nonexistence of decent Albanian Wikipedia articles since at that moment I spoke better German than my mother tongue, I thought that someone had to create content for people who speak exclusively Albanian; unfortunately, all of my friends belonged into that category.
Agon Batusha
The "Dëgjoma Zërin" platform would offer space for everyone who wants to ask and/or show her/his opinion about the latest happenings in Kosovo. This platform would be digital, so everyone would have access, and would help to provide information about why the citizens are not satisfied with what decisions and opinions our leaders are offering. The main targets would be the President, the Prime-minister and the Parliamentary President, but Ministers and other officials would have as well the opportunity to defend their thought and deeds.
Agon Qurdina
If I had those resources, my mission would be to find the Kosovo's Steve Jobs. It may seem ridiculous to someone, but I really think there are some really talented people here with some very interesting projects which need a hand of support. In fact, I would create an application, in which everyone with some project in mind would have the right to apply. It would have to be a project about computering of course. Then I would create a jury of four members, two of them international experts from this field with the job of finding the 3 best project ideas. The other two jury members would have the job of doing another review on these three projects and find the one which has the most chances of succeeding in Kosovo's market today.
Albina Sekiraqa
If I had $ 20,000, I think the first thing I would do, would be to determine priorities or plans for that period. My idea is to putting up a learning center software.Technological advances are already taking place in every corner of life. Ways of performing tasks, jobs and way of life is becoming easier and easier, thanks to these achievements. This would be a plan that I believe will be realized within the two years and will be provided free for students with poor financial condition.
Durim Mustafa
It is my personal experience in struggling to find a comfortable space to work. I am tired of working from home or cafes which give me the feeling that I am working in a crowded place where the waiter circles around you and gives unfriendly eye contact to signal that your long presence with your lap top has become obnoxious. Hence if I had 20K I would implement the concept of co-working spaces which is in line with IPKO Foundation’s aim at boosting innovation for the first time in Kosovo. The co-working space would provide cheap rentable desk space in an open plan office in Pristina city for digital nomads or individuals who typically work alone, such as freelancers, experienced entrepreneurs, new business start-ups and other creative people interested in idea development.
Egzona Murseli
If I worked for IPKO foundation, in addition to the good work you are doing to help students with scholarships, I would help sick children with Down syndrome, and I will open the Center for Development and Integration of children with autism. These children should be treated in a special way in the field of communication, relationship, autonomy, behavior modeling, or for special occasions even pre-school. So all funds I will dedicate to these children who really need the help of the whole society in one way or another.