Winners 2012-2013

Winners 2012-2013 of the Next Generation Digital Innovation Scholarships.

Drin Shala
As development manager I have to take care of resources conflicts within the project and steers the team through potential resource deadlock situations, I’m responsible for leading the usual development activities, I also take part in designing and programming database and desktop application. The purpose of this innovation is to provide the fastest possible solution within the company that deals with Internet Technology market.
Fatos Sylaj
There are two ongoing Projects in UBT that I am involved directly. During these projects students can gain knowledge about fundamentals of robotics and programing. Ideas were presented by students and two most interesting projects were selected: Piano RoboHand and AirHockey RoboPlayer. I must admit that both projects are exactly what my field of interest is, and I am sure that I will give my best to accomplish with success.
Trim Kadriu
Physics classes in early education are one of the most significant impacts in preparing the students for success in future studies in various fields. Virtual labs that are made available to students, and with the use of the internet and PC combined, make it feasible for people to go school no matter where they’re located. Moreover, a lab may appeal to students’ curiosity, by making physics concept concrete, relevant and personally valued by students.
Besfort Ajeti
While I am still sitting here staring at the windows, I see a hell lot bigger world comparing to this tiny little room. The outer world is called Kosovo, composed with huge number of objects but unfortunately lost somewhere in the innovation rhythm. The only question that goes in my mind is the one asking myself what you have contributed in a way that might have a small impact but an important one to bond all our forces to unleash this chaotic situation.
Kanarina Shehu
There is no coincidence that digital innovation is being considered highly important in terms of improvements needed in the country we live in. In order to make proper use of it, one may start making changes from minor spaces that surround us, neighborhoods, work places, and even larger community organizations.
Blerina Halili
The choices that we make everyday will directly or indirectly impact the environment surrounding us. As such, striving to turn these choices into the right ones is an important component of being an environmental-friendly individual. Having this in mind, I improved the current recycling program at AUK, and initiated the same project at the high school near-by, “Gjin Gazulli.” As a winner of a considerable amount of money to undertake the recycling project, I consider that the technology that recycling offers for reprocessing and reusing the materials of plastic, paper, and aluminum represents benefits in terms of both, environment and economy.
Renea Behluli
The sleepless, long nights and days spent in the Media Center working on the Yearbook are the most unforgettable moments of this whole journey. The Media Center was our product work place, but it also was our discussion space – where we enthusiastically debated about the tools with which we are going to make the Yearbook, the colors we are going to use, or the pictures we are going to include. Each and every one of us had different creative ideas, and we often got stuck because there where many good and “cool” ideas; however, we achieved to come to collective decisions just because we had that spirit team going on.
Rineta Hoxha
Most probably, a good and real time information on the fast pace of technology development will enable the youngsters to broaden their knowledge and be inspire to come up with innovative ideas in how to make the best use of it towards economic development. Technology is crucial. The life of my grandfather changed when I taught him how to communicate through internet. A day in the life of a retiree is more interesting now that he has learned how to find and communicate with friends and relatives living all over the world. Imagine what a change brings the wise use of technology by people in their most productive age.
Korab Ahmeti
Due to the financial situation of the people in Kosovo and lack of proper institutions to help handicapped people rehabilitate properly, many of them are left hopelessly living for nothing. Seeing this challenge, I decided to do something about it. Knowing that my brother had connections in Turkey I talked to him about starting a project in Kosovo that would help us recycle the waste and while protecting the environment we would be able to help people that really need our help. I planned as how to organize the program. Knowing the use of social networking sites by people in Kosova, I felt that creating a project page would allow reaching out to majority of young people.
Shpend Bytyçi
First of all, the main purpose of this event was to gather ICT companies (which operate in Kosovo, Albania, and Macedonia), IT professionals and experts; and young IT enthusiasts in one place where they can share their experiences on Microsoft software products and attend presentations regarding new versions of the respective Microsoft software products. My involvement in this project was in organizing the event, inviting guests, logistics, promoting the event, etc.
Mic Sokoli
I study computer science and I have to deal with lack of books in Albanian for the courses I am taking. That is why after having to study Turing Machines from books in English and upon noticing that many of the other students aren’t able to use English texts to study, I created an article about Turing Machines in Albanian, to which further information can be added from fellow enthusiasts. I intend to continue creating and improving other articles in the Albanian Wikipedia, with emphasis on articles about Computer Science, where I can be most helpful. I do not know how much those articles have been used, but I have noticed that other Wikipedia users have shown interest in improving them as well, and approving my edits.
Rinor Rugova
Online surveying, likewise printed one will be used to get insights about the level of awareness of the population about the rights and responsibilities of patients according to the national Laws in power, and the European Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine and the Charter of Patients’ rights. At the end of the project I strongly believe, the population will mostly benefit of the information provided and this would serve as a good sample for undertaking similar awareness campaigns in other regions of Kosovo. Last but not least, I wont be giving up and would further voluntarily continue to spread the power of information through different digital channels of communication.
Visar Haxhifazliu
During the time that the website of University of Prishtina was not regularly updated, came out an idea to prepare/publish a briefly information for the students of high school opportunities of studying and for the current students the other information of services provided by/at the only (in that time) Public University of Republic of Kosovo. I was engaged as a leader of volunteers on the project about publishing the student's handbook of University of Prishtina which I was responsible also for designing it. The student's handbook it was delivered for free to some of high schools around Kosovo, where we did also meetings with students there and sharing information's.
Ardian Perlaska
This project, called Networking is part of Leadershqip activity (, where students meet with each other to share ideas, read books, learn them and apply the knowledge by giving a big software or anything similar as a result. Currently there are four different activities going on. One of them is the Networking group where I'm in. Our goal is to collect as much information, learn about them, read about them enough to simplify the information and give it to other students where they can benefit from us.
Gent Ahmeti
Our idea was to make a quiz about the Java programming language, because we saw that a lot of students in our university have problems with it. It's not yet functional. Since it's a small project we don't have a defined role in our work. But mostly I was involved in programming and designing the architecture of the software. My experience here was pretty great, we learned something that we don't really practice in our courses in the university, teamwork, which is a very important aspect of my future work.
Parta Cana
Using the technology has helped me lot finding readers all around the world. While using Facebook I’ve met lots of people all around the world, from different countries. From them I’ve learned a lot about other cultures. Among them they were also writers and people who likes to read. In Facebook I’ve created a page about my book where I’ve posted the latest news about my book, where I posted a personality quiz that I have created “Which character from the book are you?” and published information that weren’t mention in the book.
Albana Gjonbalaj
On a position of Call Center- shift coordinator at PTK, I was a part of a very fundamental project for the unit I work in, and that was modernization of Call Center. This project took part on 2007 and consisted on technology upgrade for lines dedicated to our customers, from below standards technology inherited from the “after war” period, to CTI (computer telephony integration). As a part of Call Center management, I’ve been engaged in identifying devices that would enable continuous improvement of Call Center and its services.