Winners 2011-2012

Winners of the 2010–2011 Next Generation Digital Innovation Scholarships.

Besfort Ajeti
Personally, I have started working as a professional IT and later as Network Engineer 8 years ago and the biggest challenge of my career was building a transport network for internet and mobile telephony that will serve to more than 2 million subscribers. Isn’t this a way by which a person uses technology to ease people’s everyday life, huh? Whoever watched the camera in the ski center or in the center of Prishtina that was my idea and guess what? My idea and technological effort was chosen among one of the best in the world for the technical solution.
Kreshnik Ismaili
By applying technology as a citizen of Kosovo I will contribute to my country, by associating E-governance with this system. The entire system is to have a flash drive on which you have personal documents from the first day of life to death: the doctor's report from the first day of life, birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, will, property, identity card and all the other documents that presents him or her. What would have made this flash drive special is GPRS system integrated in it which will be used by every citizen in case of danger by pressing a button which would help to be located more quickly by police so the citizens will feel more security.
Arian Agani
My goal for this year is building my own wind generator and by doing this I want to promote my knowledge to others who have no idea that these systems are very simple and very cheap if it is calculated for a long time. This is my way of contribution for my country and maybe it is not a big project, maybe it is a small contribution but as it has been said that something as small as the flutter of a buterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.
Dardan Lajqi
I have learned a great deal about technology there, while my father’s dedication to help the local schools in my hometown continually inspired me. During those five years of working there, while my father was repairing damaged school computers, I gave my contribution by maintaining them at the school. Later as I was growing up, and gaining more knowledge over different software products, I started working as a designer of youth magazines. During that time I also helped many senior citizens that lived alone. I used to go in their houses to repair small electrical and technical problems; while many times I also taught them how to use computers in order to communicate with their family members abroad.
Nora Jusufi
Even though Kosovo is a developing country with a wide range of poor people, it embraces a large quantity of tech development, luckily, with the help of inexpensive telecommunications services and the upgrading awareness of the help of technology in every aspect of life, including the social sphere. Technology helps us filter information and question and thereby make a sound decision on every matter. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, help people communicate when they are at home, work, café, club, even while they are traveling.
Besiane Musmurati
I have seen education projects developed by NGOs and other organizations, but the one that impressed me most was the ‘Bunateka’ project. I first heard about it at TEDxPrishtina conference and it sought to improve Kosovo’s education by creating libraries in Kosovo's rural areas, where students could go and read. Small projects like this make a difference and lead the way to an ultimate annihilation of challenges in education.
Darsei Canhasi
It is the time for Kosovar policymakers to make a huge step forward towards political stability. Having three presidents for a few months and struggling to form the coalition could be problems that we will recall while reading the history books. The time is for a new system of voting which fortunately is available with the use of technology. This being said, technology offers us a solution, not using it means that the same problems will arouse; while using it would make the democracy brighter.
Adelina Bilalli
I often recall one wise man’s saying that you do not have to ask what your country can do for you, but instead ask what you can do for your country. Given the circumstances that Kosovo is undergoing, I have come to understand how important it is for everyone of its citizens to ask the second question more often. Being a new country, Kosovo is undergoing a development phase in all walks of life; thus, leading to big challenges and obstacles. This phase of development is inclusive to technology.
Premtim Farizi
I believe that putting an online community of Kosovar modern artists, computer lovers and experts would be a good means of collaboration and knowledge-sharing. For more, a well-structured administering and managing team from the community would be able to organize prized competitions to boost inspiration and encouragement, creative campaigns, fairs and/or similar events to raise awareness of the role information and communication technology sector plays in our social and professional spheres today. If successful this community would influence other spheres and drive positive trends. In conclusion, technology has given us faster, better, and easier means of communication. Now we need make use of it to learn, explore, collaborate, compete, create and innovate.
Driton Pustina
One way we could use technology towards a better environment is through recycling technologies. Recycling technologies are rapidly emerging through the world, especially in these times when more and more attention is being paid to our planet’s well being. These technologies should also be incorporated in Kosovo as they are a great way of managing waste, making financial profit and most importantly benefiting the environment and us as citizen. Recycling of different material such as plastic, metals, and paper saves much more energy that producing new ones. There is no greater pleasure for a citizen than taking a ‘nothing’ and turning it into something.
Dren Pozhegu
Thus, I strongly believe that technology is a cornerstone of civilization. Kosova faces many problems today. One of them is low turn-out in voting, and underrepresentation of people who find it hard to vote (old people, handicaps, Diasporas etc). With the introduction of electronic voting, I believe this problem will be reduced up to the point of being neglected as a problem. That is because electronic voting does not require many procedures, and it is generally more convenient to be done. It was reported that in many countries, after the introduction of E-voting, the number of voters increased.
Vigan Kada
In 2002, being the only kid in the neighborhood in the possession of a computer I designed posters requesting help for the creation of a playground, and placed them throughout Prishtina; days later, I get a phone call from a radio talk show host, to promote this idea; months later the playgrounds are created and today they still exist. This made me realize that big changes come with baby steps. Currently I’m a member of a documentary and filmmaking NGO, whose main activity is to raise awareness about various issues in the rural areas in Kosovo. As a side project, I’m contributing on the establishment of a Cultural Policy Center, an institutionalized space which would incite debate, generate research and create policies to affect public policy and ideally make a change.
Kaltrina Hoxha
I was very delighted when three friends approached me with the idea of a project for a social innovation competition organized by Dell Corporation. Judging from the immense impact the web has in one’s academic development, we decided to expand this idea to benefit students in rural areas in Kosovo in order to provide them with a more comprehensive learning pattern. Hence as semi-finalists, our venture plan focused on supplying portable computer labs to rural areas in Kosovo, where students would use laptops to aid their learning and understanding. In the short run the project aims to spread the practice of computer-based learning as a highly beneficial tool to equip students with critical thinking and analytical skills, pivotal to a healthy academic development.
Endrit Pllashniku
Having experienced how community service is organized in USA by participating in many volunteer activities in the state of Virginia and Washington DC inspired me to pursue a project together with two of my friends that aims to enhance the power of civic society in Kosovo. We have already raised funds for the initial phase of this project that will start during the summer of 2010.Our main helping tool to solve this problem will be internet and street actions guerilla marketing campaigns. Since internet has recently proven to be very successful in organizing social change we will build easy to use and creative website that will serve several different purposes.
Rita Saraçi
Technology is a phenomenon that in these days makes the impossible possible, the unknown known, and the dream a reality. Amongst many other mediums: emails, text messages, computers, TV’s are an essential part of our lives during these information rich days. Since working in an environment where technology is the main filed, I have understood that thinking ahead is important, especially because any minute the world might face a technological change. Individuals are trying to globalize among other people, companies and governments of different nations, and globalization is a process driven by international trade and aided by information technology.
Kaltrina Shehu
While having creative and innovative human resources, I believe that within next few years, Kosovo will be represented worldwide by young technology innovators. Nevertheless, since industrialization is meeting the current wave of globalization, we must never allow it to distract us from being aware of environmental degradation. We must continuously be determined in finding solutions to environmental problems that arise every day, due to the economic development and population growth. It is an inseparable duty of every Kosovar citizen to never stop the efforts in preventing such problems.
Arzana Myderrizi
From an individual perspective, various technological innovations can be applied to stimulate a more efficient use of energy in Kosovo. As a researcher at the Center for Energy and Natural Resources, I have noticed that stakeholders such as the Government and NGO’s do not sufficiently use collaborative networks to promote their interests and policies. For example, collaborative networks could provide networking opportunities for those who are interested to contribute to the promotion of better energy policies, and they can also be used by government officials to provide room for direct contacts between citizens and policy-makers.
Behare Hallaqi
As a citizen of this country, I would devote myself on contributing to this state through available resources, such as social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, which would encourage the recognition of Kosovo around world. Starting from fact that only limited websites and companies list Kosovo as an option in state category, by creating groups in Facebook that address this problem, I could raise the awareness of other countries of Kosovo’s existence.
Rineta Hoxha
I plan to use my enthusiasm and to approach particular fallacious aspects of our society behavior and work hard to erase them. And with the enormous innovations and advanced technology of these days everything is possible. I have chosen to study Information Technology since it will enable me to build a career in one of the mass media which I consider as the fastest to reach the audience-a Radio Station. For that reason I have engaged in a project which for the moment is in its way of formulating creative ideas by which can approach each citizen and make them aware how each can contribute for a better community.
Gonxhe A'Mula
As an individual, I utilize social networking sites to mobilize with like-minded individuals, and spread information pertaining to my activism interests which included fundraising to help end violence against women. Last year, I was part of a team which successfully organized an event which raised money to support the Women’s Shelter of Pristina. Without tools such as Facebook, we might have been less successful in our endeavor to assist our community. Also, many of our resources were derived straight from the internet, including research, logistical development, and moral support from other women’s groups located around the world.
Fitore Hyseni
Thus, my aim is to erase this negative shadow in Kosovo’s image by using technology to collaborate, inform, and integrate people as much as possible in improving Kosovo’s image. Nonetheless, considering the last situation created in Kosovo, I, as a more futuristic-oriented and progress-oriented student, have considered e-voting as a goal for the new generation and a new possibility to Kosovo’s democracy. It is a costly idea but effective in a country like ours.
Agim Beselica
As a good citizen of Kosova means being responsible for ones fellow citizens and if I were in the position to do it, I would take advantage of the technology, and I would have set up a wide camera system of surveillance of the city. I think that if we say that we respect the laws, then there are no problems even if we watch us. Therefore CCTV is the necessary instrument or mechanism to change the things for a better, tolerant and civilized society, a society which respects the law! Such a system will really facilitate the work of the police and the guards of the town.
Edmond Dushi
Therefore we must benefit from the advantages that electronic voting has over the traditional way of voting. Some of these advantages are lesser cost, faster tabulation of results, improved accessibility, greater accuracy, and lower risk of human and mechanical errors. Digitalization of other services, such as cadastral records, online application for civil documents and publication of applicable legislation on municipal web page would increase citizens’ participation and would encourage them to obey the laws.
Pëllumb Reshidi
UP - Fakulteti Ekonomik
Techno Democracy Linking good citizenship with technology should not be perceived as a challenge these days, giving the drastic development of technology. It is easier now than it was ever before to truly recognize the concerns that the citizens have. What I propose is some sort of a website where citizens could create topics about there complaints, about there preferences, about there ideas. Basically a website that would present what the citizens want to add and what the citizens wish to remove. Further, citizens that agree with a topic they see, or that have the same concern, can discuss and vote for it and so they would classify the top voted concerns witch would afterwards contribute to give the lawmakers and city planers in force, a idea of what actually bothers the citizen.
Mic Sokoli
UP - Fakulteti i Shkencave Matematiko-Natyrore
That’s why I think that starting to use the technology we have been developing would be beneficiary for us. The benefits wouldn’t be only monetary, but could also improve the overall standard of living and maybe even make an ecological way of living possible. Still, it is probably most important for educational institutions to take all of these facts into account and hurry to take action, not only by following the current and oncoming needs when it comes to what is taught, but also to benefit from advancements in technology by employing methods of organizing and teaching that are far more efficient than the ones being used at the moment and would increase overall productivity.
Vesa Qerimi
UP - Fakulteti i Shkencave Matematiko-Natyrore
The use of these technologies will dramatically increase the level of dynamism in those political structures which are of outmost importance in our society. What about having elections enabled through this web based system every six months in a Political Party? The result would be a dynamic political leader which should come with new ideas and proposals every two to three months. What a competition! This for sure guarantees that we would have in place top leaders who will guide us in the unknown digital economy and future life.
Shpend Mahmuti
UP - Fakulteti i Shkencave Matematiko-Natyrore
As a future programmer I could help to create better databases to identify and solve problems; create registers for judiciaty to make a safer environment; implement technology on education and medical institutions in order to share experiences, etc. However, being a good citizen it is not only about contributing individually, but also as part of the group. This is the main reason I would try to influence on informing the population for using of technology for their own needs .
Gentrit Gojani
UP - Fakulteti i Shkencave Matematiko-Natyrore
The most appealing benefit of using electronic voting is that there would be no way to have the hanging chad discrepancies like those of the 2010 election year. It is very important to rid the country of these errors because lot of votes were lost and manipulated .Not only does the electronic voting system rid paper errors, it is also much more convenient to use a touch screen voting system, rather than punch holes out of a paper ballot. Electronic voting systems also will cater to people that don’t speak Albanian or in the worst case those who are not able to read and write.
Fjollë Caka
UP - Fakulteti i Ndërtimtarisë dhe Arkitekturës
The biggest challenge the Kosovo is facing now, I think is the creation of an original Identity, a good image as a new country. This identity would be showing Kosovo as an independent country, with a respectful, educative and quite a young population and eager for knowledge and information that has all kinds of rights and freedoms as else in the world. It is also known for the ethnic and religious tolerance within the people who live there. A strong point of this identity would be the creation of a moral and ethical identity, showing an uncorrupted government, freedom of media, and fight of crime which as a result would highly increase the country independence recognition rate.
Gramos Begolli
UP - Fakulteti i Inxhinierisë Elektrike dhe Kompjuterike
My conception of communication follows from a general interest to place social process and relations in the foreground of research.Therefore it begins with the idea that communication is a social process of exchange whose product is the embodiment of a social relationship. People try to convert their style of communication into machine's, and in this century it took huge steps forward. If any of us thinks about how technology is developing and does “Moor’s Law” change in years , certainly it will convince us that without the rhythm of technology development there wouldn't be the level of democracy and social well-being we currently possess.
Dukagjin Sylaj
UP - Fakulteti i Inxhinierisë Mekanike
Taking into consideration that Kosovo has one of the largest resources of coal in Europe, it will have to use its opportunity to produce electricity which is very much needed for the economic development in the future. I consider that in order to reach two objectives, on one hand to produce enough electricity power and on the other to reduce CO2 emissions, we as future engineers have to come up with some carbon capturing techniques that would limit the overall emission of greenhouse effect gases in Kosovo. Through my work in the future I think I will contribute to the environmentally clean development of Kosovo and its democratization as a developed country in EU.